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Add a Pinch of Inspiration to Your Online Fundraising Campaign

Online fundraising should be an important piece of any organization’s fundraising strategy. While direct mail fundraising is still the source of most donations, as the new “wired” generation matures, online will become the dominant form of fundraising. Furthermore, online fundraising campaigns have the ability to reach a different audience and oftentimes are more cost effective than the traditional campaigns.

Cloud for Good partnered with Nadanu, a company that provides online fundraising solutions, because we believe that they can help nonprofit organizations be more effective with their online fundraising campaigns.

Here are three reasons for why I decided to partner with them:

Location. Location. Location.
Be where your donors are and make it easy for them to donate. Your donors are on Facebook and they use smartphones. Don’t force them to go to your website to donate.

Inspire Your Donors
Unfortunately, online giving for most organizations is the “donate now” button on their website. However, people don’t donate because they see a static, dull, and boring button; they give because they are inspired to give. The “Nadanu approach” is much more interactive and engaging, just like fundraising should be. Check it out yourself

Keep it Simple!
The donation tool you choose should be easy to manage and integrate with other platforms. The Nadanu admin control is extremely simple to use: it takes only 5 minutes to set up. Additionally, their tools can integrate with social networks and many donor databases (unfortunately, they don’t integrate with Salesforce…yet. We are working on it) so you won’t need to manage multiple platforms.

Best of all, if you use the Cloud for Good promotion code “cloudforgood90” you can sign up for a free 90 day trial. Click here to register.