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Connecting Enterprise Data for Real-Time Insights 
MuleSoft Partner

Cloud for Good can design, build, and scale your MuleSoft solutions to enable connectivity between your information systems. We can help you create scalable application networks using an API-led design framework, limiting information silos and automating routine workflows. An orchestration layer coordinating system and process API allows you to reuse assets and empower teams to access data in a real-time, self-service model. With quicker and easier access to data, you’re able to gain greater insights, increase productivity, and lower costs by responding quicker and working smarter. 

Why Should You Consider MuleSoft?

Why Should You Consider MuleSoft

MuleSoft can help your organization unlock systems and data through integration while driving productivity and efficiency with automation. It helps you create reusable assets designed to help increase innovation while bringing ideas to light faster. This best-in-breed solution: 

  • Connects data from any business system. 
  • Enables IT departments to unlock systems and surface data to the rest of the enterprise through API networks
  • Solves business problems quickly without the need to rebuild connections to enterprise systems each time
  • Keeps IT team focused on managing enterprise systems and enables functional owners to develop solutions
  • Enables real-time access to enterprise data to reduce data silos
  • Scales as your organization grows without the need to rebuild your solutions

Let’s unlock the power of your data!

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The Role of MuleSoft at Your Organization

MuleSoft is designed to help break down data silos and connect your information systems to create one single source of truth. Below are just a few examples of how Cloud for Good is helping our clients link their data to create more value for their donors, students, staff, and other constituents with our proprietary accelerators, including: 

MuleSoft Fundraising Accelerator

Fundraising Pipeline

Designed for fundraising teams that manage a large donation pipeline, where gifts can come from multiple sources and gift data is structured in multiple ways. This accelerator defines the business logic for gift and constituent data, making it easy to launch new giving websites quickly and allow changes to business logic to be made in a single place without touching the donor experience layer. 

MuleSoft Mail House Accelerator

Mail House Management

When data needs to be shared externally, such as with direct response services, the solution needs to be fast and secure. Cloud for Good’s Mailing House Management Accelerator provides APIs to allow vendors to access the data through API endpoints and FTPs. This process means fundraising teams save time preparing the data, and vendors can quickly and securely access information needed to keep direct response services running smoothly. 

MuleSoft Student Provisioning Accelerator

Student User Provisioning

Many institutions manage student data in a Student Information System (SIS). Cloud for Good’s Student User Provisioning Accelerator can help connect this data to other front-end systems, like Experience Cloud. Through User System API, user data can be retrieved from your SIS, and licenses to front-end systems can be provisioned automatically based on the controls you set forth.  

MuleSoft Executive Education Accelerator

Executive Education Course Enrollment

When driving enrollment for Executive Education courses, many times that data needs to be displayed on multiple front-end solutions. Course System Accelerator surfaces course data (like description, faculty, dates, and fees) and makes it easy to display on any public-facing website. Your management is handled through one single source of truth, allowing you to launch websites quickly and opening easier pathways to enrollment.  

MuleSoft Advising Accelerator

Student Advising

Give your Advisors a full picture of their Advisees’ academic work, appointments, and advising notes in an easy-to-access location. While a SIS can be difficult to navigate, our Advising System Accelerator provides a consistent interface to retrieve current data about advising and relationships, student and advisor relationships, and more, then feeds that information back into Education Cloud. Your advisors will have access to the information they need, and your students can view their advisors, make appointments and manage tasks all from within the advising portal. 

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