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Recruitment and Admission Accelerator

See how Cloud for Good can help your create more value with Salesforce


Recruitment and Admission on Salesforce

Salesforce for Recruitment and Admissions: Attracting and leading prospective students through your admissions funnel takes a keen understanding of how your audience likes to be communicated with, limiting their barriers of entry to engaging with your institution, and providing best-in-breed applicant experiences. Cloud for Good has developed several assets to help you get the most from your technology.


The Cloud for Good Recruitment & Admissions Accelerators will help you nurture your relationship with prospective students, from recruitment through admission. You’ll be able to:

Find out how Cloud for Good’s Recruitment and Admissions Accelerator can help empower your institution with Salesforce


“The Cloud for Good family has welcomed The University of Alabama at Birmingham with open arms since partnering up in early 2020.  The entire Cloud for Good team has been fantastic to work with.  All team members are true experts in their field and have been extremely patient and helpful in integrating three disparate data systems into the Salesforce Education Cloud model.”

Evan Thrailkill, Director of Digital Strategy

Cloud for Good Recruitment and Admissions Assets

The Cloud for Good Recruitment and Admission Accelerator can be paired with Salesforce’s Admission Connect solution, and the Education Cloud to extend the usability or work as a group of standalone assets to help empower your recruitment and admission team to do more with Salesforce.


Cloud for Good’s applicant portal accelerator allows our clients to leverage pre-built components that provide the foundation for additional tailoring and branding to meet their unique needs. This reduces reliance on code-first approaches and reduces technical debt.


Make sure staff have access to the right records for moving prospects and applicants through the pipeline with Cloud for Good’s Territory Management Accelerator. This accelerator helps recruitment and admissions teams automatically assign ownership to any object in Salesforce, create recruiter relationships, and assign reviews to ensure territory management is backed by data and helping staff be in the right place, at the right time.


Track the key areas of interest of applicants and students and see visualizations and icons directly on the applicant record for easy, at-a-glance identification of preferences, application status, or other key details. LEARN MORE.


Migrating your data from a managed package, such as TargetX, can be a cumbersome process. That’s why Cloud for Good has developed and refined an iterative data migration approach that allows our clients to view accurate data in our sandboxes throughout our implementations. This reduces the risk and time it takes to complete migrations, minimizing the interruption to your operations, and streamlining your overall migration experience.