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Data Warehousing

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Your CRM is a key tool for engagement and can drive your fundraising strategy, moves management, campaign analytics, and operational reporting. But it also has key limits when it comes to parsing large volumes of data, analyzing trends over time, or supporting complex queries across multiple entities and engagement points. For these things, you might be better served by integrating a data warehouse into your technical systems landscape.

The Role of a Data Warehouse

A data warehouse is a structured database that supports reporting, segmenting, and analytics needs. It is typically populated with data from the CRM and enriched with other data sources from your organization. A data warehouse helps your organization through:


Decreasing storage costs for your CRM and other technology platforms by becoming a long-term storage of legacy data for a historical archive

data warehouse nonprofit

Cross-channel analytics through enrichment with data from platforms, including CRM, marketing platforms, donation platforms, financial systems, and more


Reducing technical debt by becoming a centralized hub for important organizational data

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Queries and reporting for your core key performance indicators, including predicting future trends

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Cloud for Good’s Data Warehousing Services

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