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That’s why we created the Managed Services offering to help you manage, grow, and optimize your Salesforce environment.  Salesforce is the most expansive and influential CRM software on the market today, but it must be properly maintained to ensure your higher education institution or nonprofit organization gets the most out of your implementation. As your dedicated Salesforce implementation partner, Cloud for Good’s team of certified Salesforce experts possess the industry experience, knowledge on best practices, and tireless dedication needed to help develop and enhance your platform for continued Salesforce success.  Whether you’ve just implemented Salesforce or are looking to get the maximum return on your technology investment, Cloud for Good has a solution for you. 

We care about your Salesforce success, during implementation and beyond

What Are Managed Services

What are Managed

No matter your level of experience within the Salesforce ecosystem, Managed Services has the potential to add efficiency and drastically improve the effectiveness of your Salesforce implementation. At its most fundamental level, Managed Services provide assistance in the handling and maintaining of operations and applications within your Salesforce instance. Experienced professionals ensure that your team is put in the best possible position to succeed, educating those within your organization on best practices for the Salesforce implementation, while making life easier for your dedicated IT specialists. 

Managed Services

When Should I Consider Managed Services?

Once your Salesforce implementation has successfully been completed, you have the option of leveraging Managed Services to ensure your instance runs smoothly through a dedicated administrative team tasked with proactively maintaining the health of your new system. Managed Services representatives monitor the systems you’ve implemented and seek to signal any problems they discover before they interfere with your operations. Doing so saves time, energy, and resources that could be better spent internally. Managed Services allows you to spend more time on the core missions inherent to your institution or organization and less time monitoring performance for inefficiencies. 

How Will Managed Services Benefit Me?

As your organization or institution grows and evolves, it’s important to keep up with the latest features, functions, and upgrades that can drastically benefit your Salesforce business processes. In many ways, the ultimate success of a Salesforce implementation is made more impactful with the mindful management made possible through Cloud for Good’s Managed Services. Our Salesforce-certified professionals spearhead training for your staff, react quickly and efficiently to issue resolution, and offer unparalleled, hands-on support to give your institution or organization the confidence necessary to create transformational value through Salesforce technology.

Our Managed Services provide designated resources and office hours to help increase user adoption and training.

Managed Services Support Tiers


  • On-demand help with your existing packages, integrations, and third-party applications
  • This tier mostly covers support for fundamental service issues related to implementing customer requests or usage problems requires basic IT assistance.


  • A designated resource to act as an extension of your team
  • Proactive issue resolution, enhancement services, and ongoing user enablement
  • The Cloud for Good technicians will investigate and resolve issues proactively, ensuring resolutions are found before the issues have an effect on your operations.


  • Provides thought leadership, technology, and organizational strategic planning, as well as hands-on system enhancement
  • Your will be granted unrivaled access to the most critical technical resources provided by Cloud for Good
  • Our Managed Services Consultants will investigate issues down to their specific causes and seek to learn how those issues can be prevented through duplication, specific coding, and in-depth analyzation


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Why Managed Services?


Extension of your team to help with ongoing technology planning.  Cloud for Good continues to serve your unique needs and ensure your success after your Salesforce implementation has been completed. 


Proactive assistance to help you maximize your Salesforce investments.  True partnership with Cloud for Good allows issue resolution before those issues interfere with your systems. 


Regular check-in and release management to improve your Salesforce Org and plan for feature adoption.  With new updates, releases, and features regularly added by Salesforce, Cloud for Good intimately understands the importance of proactivity and continual optimization. 


Designated resources and office hours to help increase user adoption and training.  We want to impart our expertise and knowledgebase onto your higher education institution’s or nonprofit organization’s staff so that everyone involved with your Salesforce implementation will have the confidence and comfort necessary to operate efficiently within your new instance. 

Managed Services Resources

SAE Foundation Managed Services

We had a great experience with our previous Managed Services company, but the communication, the organization, and the tracking Cloud for Good has is just far better and makes our lives a lot easier.”