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Chatter: a Game Changer for Higher Education

We live in a world dominated by the Internet and digital technology. College students update their Facebook and Twitter profiles seemingly every five minutes, whether they’re adding a note about their opinions on a recent football game or joining a social group that encourages businesses to “go green.”

These students want to turn to their peers to gather more information, collaborate, and share ideas. Higher education institutions need, now more than ever, to embrace the evolving customs of today’s generation and bring the power of social networks inside their campuses.

They can do it with Chatter, for free!


Chatter is a private and secure social network that students, alumni, and faculty can use to connect with each other. Updates about people, courses, and files about which they care most are automatically pushed to them. Therefore, they always know what’s going on.

Here are my top 6 ways to use Chatter for higher education:

1.Collaborate with other students and professors. Students can easily publish a question about a course, assignment, or even the dorms parking and receive answers from across the institution.
2.Chatter can make networking easier and help current students connect with graduates.
3.Easily share files. Sending assignments to students via email clogs inboxes or triggers error messages. Plus, you never know if you have the latest version. Sharing files with Chatter is easy – upload with a click, and everyone sees the updates.
4.Make it personal. Chatter users can update their personal information and upload a profile picture. Students are looking for one-on-one connections with familiar faces, they will be able to find it in Chatter.
5.Share knowledge. Relevant articles, videos, or websites can be easily circulated and spark discussion. Additionally, faculty will be able to post status updates so that students know what they’re working on.
6.Create groups to manage information that involves only certain people. You can then upload files to the group that are relevant to only group members.

What are you waiting for? Contact us to get your university on Chatter.