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Cloud for Good is your trusted

Technology Strategy Planning Partner

Technology permeates the very core of Cloud for Good and our Salesforce implementation services. We truly believe in the transformational power of technology and want to impart that belief onto your organization. Solutions provided through technology pave the way for future success and allow you to achieve your mission more efficiently and with greater impact, but we understand how all that possibility at your fingertips can feel overwhelming. Focus on visualizing where you want your organization to go and we’ll provide the platform to get you there.  Through a Salesforce implementation and an embracing of the cloud, you’ll be able to offer a clear vision to your constituents and enable greater action.  Take a thoughtful and thorough technology implementation and build more trust and awareness in your mission with Salesforce.  

When managed and planned effectively, your organization’s technology can be much, much more than an administrative cost.

Investing In Your Technology

Increase Operational Efficiency

Nonprofits doing more with less has become a watchword; investing in the right technology can make business processes run more smoothly, reduce ongoing costs, improve staff satisfaction, and increase time spent on your organization’s missionThe right investments can also eliminate or reduce the need to hire additional staff as your organization grows, leveraging economies of scale.

Be Adaptable To Change

Understanding when it’s time to move on from outdated previous technology solutions can be a tricky conclusion to come to, what with the amount of programs tied up in that solution, processes running through certain tech, and past successes attributed to those systems.  Seeking out the right implementation partner is critical in assessing what technology solutions have been put into place previously and where you want new technology to take you.  Tech moves fast, so it’s imperative that you remain fleet-footed and adaptable to the turning tides as they come. 

Value Feedback

No matter your level of technological literacy, there will invariably come a time where established protocol will bump up against new technologies or ideologies.  When this moment arises, keep yourself open to the feedback and constructive criticism within your team and your industry. In other words, always be looking to improve through networking with your team members and associates within your field.  We can always learn from one another, and technology moves at such a quick rate that these conversations can serve as invaluable pieces to a larger puzzle. 

Start Planning Your Technology Today

Meet + Exceed your goals with salesforce

Raise More Funds + Recruit Volunteers

Your organization may already have an online donation page or a volunteer application, but how do you engage those supporters in a deeper way that helps turn a $25 donor into a $250 or $2500 donor? How do you provide opportunities for your most passionate volunteers to share their stories with others, thus recruiting more volunteers? Technology can help you understand your constituents better and provide them the tools to engage their networks. So, given the great potential that technology has for your organization, how do you tap into it?

Extend Your Reach

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram…everyone is telling you that you need to be reaching out to your constituents through social media and managing email campaigns to engage them, but how are you measuring the results of those efforts? What’s the return on the investment in tools and the staff time to manage them? Choosing the right tools and developing the right reporting mechanisms is critical to answering these questions.<br><br>

Need a technology plan?

We Want to Help

Whether youre a higher education institution or nonprofit organization, you likely have a strategic plan.  You’ve probably spent a lot of management and possibly consulting time developing a theory of change, growth strategies, budgets, and talent plans that support your plan.  Have you spent the time to develop a technology plan that effectively supports the rest of the strategy? 

Cloud for Good can help you identify the key strategies, processes, and applications to harness technology in support of your mission.  Leveraging our significant experience with cloud technologies, organizational and technology strategy, we can help you identify the budget, staffing and timing requirements necessary to help you be successful, work with you to develop a plan and partner with you over the long run to turn your vision into reality.