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Diversity + inclusion

what we stand for

Cloud for Good is committed to having a diverse and inclusive team, because we believe a diversity of people and perspectives leads to better outcomes for our clients and a more energizing and equitable place to work. A wide variety in skills, experiences, backgrounds, and identities results in more impactful engagement with our clients, who in turn are working to make the world a better place. We are continually working towards building a staff culture that celebrates individuals and encourages collective innovation. 

"I have always had a strong work ethic; I want to contribute to my employer but I need to balance the needs of my family with a career."

Rob O’Brien, Managed Services Consultant


To help foster a culture that embraces diversity and inclusion, Cloud for Good founded their Diversity and Inclusion team, welcoming members from all across the organization to focus on four main pillars: 

alumni engagement

Education For Our Staff

Building a Exceptional Staff Experience

Marketing on Salesforce

Recruiting + Hiring from diverse backgrounds

Digital Services

Making Our Commitment Known Publicly


Cloud for Good has had a distributed workforce since our inception in 2010. Since then, we have grown to over 200 employees across the U.S. and Canada and nearly everyone has experience working with nonprofits or higher education institutions. 

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