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Salesforce Solutions for

Arts + Cultural Organizations

When it comes to connecting with the appreciators of both arts and culture, perspective and understanding are of the utmost importanceWhether you’re looking to engage the patrons of a museum, zoo, aquarium, or center for the arts, an all-encompassing awareness of your constituents’ interactions with your organization is key in the effort to engage and educate. 


Salesforce For Cultural Organizations

“Cloud for Good did an amazing job for us migrating 30 years of constituent data from our legacy system to They handled everything we threw at them with ease and professionalism. I am impressed with their capability to customize Salesforce to meet our fundraising and communication needs creating a 360-degree view of the constituent, capturing ticket purchases, donations, memberships, event sign-ups, and other interests and activities.”

Stephen Rockwell, Vice President of Information Technology

From engaging with a prospect to converting one-time donors into life-long members, managing every touch you have with your constituents is critical to the long-term health of your organization.

Custom Salesforce Solutions Designed to Meet Your Needs

Engage Constituents with Salesforce

Cultivating Constituent Culture

Through the connective tools made possible with Salesforceall aspects of your organization will achieve a singular view of your members, donors, and prospects. Understand the demographics interested in your organization and use intuitive data tools to foster greater interaction with your constituents.  

Improve Efficiency with Salesforce

Increase Transparency, Improve Efficiency

With Salesforce’s real-time dashboards, organizations have the ability to track memberships, fundraising, ticketing sales, and marketing campaigns like never before.  The added perspective granted through Salesforce adds a new dimension to organization management, providing insight into visitor behavior and the overall health of your organization.

Long-Time Donors with Salesforce

From One-Time Donors to Life-Long Members

Through the utilization of an omnichannel marketing approach, Salesforce implements a cohesive system combining all of your organization’s marketing channels.  From phone calls, bulk email campaigns, social media, and more, constituent management will greatly improve correspondence tracking and streamline tracking and segmentation.

Custom Salesforce Integrations

Insight Through Integration

Salesforce allows your organization to react to changes and trends within your space with added agility not possible through archaic practices.  Bring your organization into the modern age of integration by moving to the cloud and introducing integration solutions. 

Point of Sale on Salesforce

Pioneering Point-of-Sale

With your new cloud-based system, the various departments of your organization can interact and understand your members better from a single point of view.  Don’t open yourself up to the possibility of communication breakdown or interdepartmental inefficiencies.  Know your constituents intimately and improve the ways you interact with them on a daily basis.

Marketing on Salesforce

Marketing Solutions to Meet Your Needs

Salesforce’s digital marketing capabilities increase your impact with flexible email scheduling and optimize deliverability with custom email authentication, SPAM analysis, and multivariate testing.  Manage, track, and engage with your constituents through emails, SMS messaging, and social media. 


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Salesforce for Arts Organizations

“Cloud for Good’s consultants spent extensive time with our team to evaluate and document process mapping to ensure we were designing a system that allowed us to scale capacity to serve our constituents more efficiently.”

Salesforce Partner

 “Our investment in Salesforce technology has empowered our efforts in response to COVID-19.  Cloud for Good is the reason we’re part of the Salesforce ecosystem and we’re incredibly thankful for that.”