Forward looking nonprofits are making cloud computing an integral component of their operations. And for a great reason. Cloud computing and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions provide new opportunities for them to engage their donors, volunteers, clients, participants, and more. They can boost productivity and increase process efficiencies. Cloud based solutions, such as Salesforce, make nonprofits better at what they do. They help them to work faster and smarter.

Cloud for Good is a leading Salesforce implementation and consulting partner for nonprofit and educational organizations. We have completed hundreds of implementations and have a team of consultants available all over the US and Canada. Our innovative methodologies and rapid implementation approach, coupled with’s industry-leading cloud computer solutions offer powerful combination of capabilities that help nonprofits integrate cloud services faster, more reliably, and with a focus on improving organizational performance and mission outcomes. Let our certified consultants help you with:

  • New implementations, from QuickStarts to multi-system data migrations. Learn more »
  • Identify the key strategies, processes and applications to harness technology in support of your mission. Learn more »
  • Optimizing your current database and its use, with strategic guidance towards better data capture and higher adoption rates. Learn more »
  • Integrating legacy databases, external systems, and public-facing websites through custom programming or AppExchange products.
  • Custom apps development on the platform, designed from scratch to meet your business needs.
  • Custom training for end-users and administrators, or as-you-need-it support contracts.

Nonprofit performance is not measured in terms of profitability or market share, but rather by the quality and scope of services that can be provided to constituents. We provide nonprofits with the insights and tools to help them focus on their missions, we enable them to achieve the outcomes that matter most. Learn how we can help you:

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