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Marketing with Salesforce

Quality Marketing Automation is all but a necessity in our current technological landscape.  With so many organizations and institutions vying for a potential donor’s attention, getting lost in the shuffle is an all too common occurrence without the proper Marketing Automation tools. As your Salesforce implementation partner, Cloud for Good will work with you every step of the way to ensure your marketing efforts are productive and profitable. Reaching your constituents with the right message at the right time is crucial for raising awareness about your organization, as well as raising more funds, engaging volunteers, and increasing the success of your programs.

Cloud for Good offers implementation and consultation services for both Salesforce Marketing Cloud, both vital tools for the wellbeing of your marketing outreach.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Marketing Cloud was created to bridge communication divides, increase messaging transparency, and build a stronger, longer-lasting relationship with your constituentsThrough a connected cloud accessible across any device, Salesforce’s Marketing Cloud allows you to create one–to–one journeys for your constituents. Create a customized experience for your visitors by sending them the relevant information that fits their needs based on their interactions with your website, emails, and even social media. In addition to creating special journeys for your constituents, you can utilize Marketing Cloud for email marketing and mobile marketingWant to send text messages to your volunteers to remind them of a volunteer opportunityMarketing Cloud will do this for you!   

Take it a step further and deploy multi-channel marketing strategies by sending your volunteers an email the day before their shift, a text message an hour before their scheduled volunteer time and thanking them after their shift ends on social mediaAll of this can be automated seamlessly from the Marketing Cloud and its vast network of companion programs, like Journey Builder, Email Studio, Mobile Studio, Social Studio, and many more.  The effectiveness of these touches can then be analyzed across all digital channels and devices through Marketing Cloud’s exclusive partnership with Google Analytics 360. Once generated, your analytics will help you to take logic-based action according to the insights and data provided through Marketing Cloud. The more information you have access to, the more personalized you can make the experience for each and every one of your constituents. 


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Pardot lets you personalize your emails and create drip campaigns based on criteria of your choosing. Like all other aspects of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud experience, Pardot is designed to remove the laborious manual processes of yesteryear and replace them with quick, intuitive Marketing Automation functionality. You can send emails to constituents who are in a specific location or who have viewed certain pages on your website with the simple click of the button or even schedule these email campaigns ahead of time.  Creating these drip campaignis an instinctive process when using Pardot’s drag and drop functionality, automating the process of re-engaging past donors and connecting them with dynamic, engageable contentAdditionally, you can schedule social postings within this platform and see how your posts are performing with Pardot reportsWhile Pardot is marketed more for lead generation, it is a great nurturing platform as well to help engage your constituentsCalculating your campaigns’ return on investment (ROI) is simplified using reports in Pardot when your platform is connected with your Salesforce instance.   

Pardot offers more than just email marketing and lead generation, however. The extensive service also provides outlets in which to drive engagement through custom landing pages and customizable forms to bolster your overall marketing strategy. Using built-in templates and an easy-to-use visual editor, your nonprofit organization or higher education institution has the ability to implement stylish and efficient landing pages that will grab the attention of your constituents and encourage them to interact with the impactful content.  You can even integrate various SEM (Search Engine Marketing) and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) programs to track the effectiveness and ROI of your campaigns and marketing strategies. This centralized marketing platform, powered by efficient marketing automation, is but a taste of the powerful tools at your fingertips through Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Jump in and let us show you the way!