Reaching your constituents with the right message at the right time is crucial for raising awareness about your organization, as well as raising more funds and engaging volunteers. Cloud for Good offers implementation services for both Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Pardot. These platforms both integrated with your Salesforce instance and reduce the time you need to spend on your marketing efforts.


Marketing Cloud allows you to create one to one journeys for your constituents using elements such as Journey Builder. Create a customized experience for your visitors by sending them information that meets their needs, based on their interactions with you website, emails and even social media. In addition to creating special journeys for your constituents, you can utilize Marketing Cloud for email marketing and mobile marketing. Want to send text messages to your volunteers to remind them of a volunteer opportunity? Marketing Cloud will do this for you! Take it a step further and send them an email the day before and a text message an hour before their scheduled volunteer time. All of this can be set up within Marketing Cloud. For more information about Marketing Cloud check out our Making Sense of the Marketing Cloud blog post.


Pardot lets you personalize your emails and create drip campaigns based on criteria of your choosing. You can send emails to constituents who are in a specific location or who have viewed certain pages on your website. Creating a drip campaign using Pardot’s drag and drop functionality automates the process of re-engaging past donors. Additionally, you can schedule social postings within this platform and see how your posts are performing with Pardot reports. While Pardot is marketed more for lead generation, it is a great nurturing platform as well to help engage your constituents. Calculating your campaigns’ return on investment (ROI) is simplified using reports in Pardot when your platform is connected with your Salesforce instance. Additional information about Pardot can be found here.

We offer a Pardot quick start implementation to help get your platform up and running quickly.

Not sure which platform is right for your organization? Contact us today and we can help you make an assessment based on your needs. We have certified consultants who can help integrate your systems so you can increase your impact.

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