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See how Cloud for Good can help you modernize your advancement efforts with technology

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When looking to cultivate relationships with your donors, major givers, and alumni, the technology you use can quickly become a competitive advantage. However, getting a complete picture of your donors and alumni can be tricky, as many advancement teams are faced with disparate systems disconnecting their alumni and donor data. That is why Cloud for Good developed our Advancement Accelerator.

Cloud for Good AdvancemenT Accelerator

The Cloud for Good Advancement Accelerator will help give your advancement team access to critical data, all within one Salesforce contact record. With the Advancement Accelerator, you’ll be able to:

Find out how Cloud for Good’s Advancement Accelerator can help empower your institution

Cloud for Good Advancement accelerator Assets

Commerce Cloud for Advancement

Commerce Cloud for Advancement

Commerce Cloud modernizes and enhances the giving experience for donors and alumni by streamlining their ability to give, search for funds, and the checkout experience. This streamlined process helps meet donor and alumni expectations for an ‘Amazon-like’ giving experience.

Marketing Cloud for Advancement

Marketing Cloud for Advancement

Engage with your alumni and donors in meaningful ways using Cloud for Good’s Journey Builder Accelerators. Whether you’re preparing for your Day of Giving campaign or highlighting an upcoming event for your alumni to attend, we have developed automated communication flows based on industry best practices that can create efficiencies in your marketing processes and help you achieve your engagement and fundraising goals.

 “With their industry expertise, Cloud for Good is always thinking ahead and preparing us not only for our own growth within the platform but also set us up to best optimize all new features and tools released within Education Cloud for our advancement.”

Richard Houston, Director of Advancement Services.