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Optimizing a constituent relationship management (CRM) application should be an ongoing process for any organization.  After rolling out a solution that caters to your development, marketing, or HR departments, you may feel like you have crossed the finish line, when in fact you have just reached the first milestone.  Take the surprises and guesswork out of the equation and optimize your technology with Salesforce implementations. 

Optimize your technology investment

Investing in your technology

Salesforce encompasses the people, processes, and applications that enable organizations to organize and manage their constituent relationships.  After an initial implementation, your organization needs to create a holistic plan to align business processes, constituent needs, and staff, to your changing environment.  In the same way that Salesforce considers the many products, services, partners, and providers to be part of their ecosystem, we believe the various facets of your organization make up an ecosystem of your own.  Connecting these components, and configuring them thoughtfully, is the key to ensuring lasting efficacy and value within your organization.  Optimizing your technology puts you on the fast track to achieve that goal. 

We work with nonprofit organizations and higher education institutions to optimize their Salesforce investments and optimize their technology along every step of the way.

Our evaluation process

Current Systems

Managing your constituent or donation information is a great first step but it’s far from the last. 

In order to get a complete view of your constituents, you need to begin with an evaluation of your current systems.  We start by looking at the systems that contain data that could give you additional insight into how your organization interacts with its constituents. This period of discovery allows our teams to intimately understand your data and build a roadmap for where your future systems will take you. Cloud for Good possesses industry expertise in nonprofits and higher education and has collectively earned over 300 Salesforce certifications and collected thousands of Salesforce trailhead completion badges. 

Are there event or volunteer management applications that your organization utilizes which can be integrated with Salesforce to provide a bigger view of your constituent’s interactionsSalesforce volunteer communications and volunteer for Salesforce community could be the right fit for your organization. Do you have program evaluation systems that will help you get a better picture of the impact your programs are making and how your donor funds are being utilized?  Salesforce’s program management tools will work harmoniously with that data, adding clarity of data and a broader perspective of your overall systems. 


Gain Executive Buy-In – One of the most crucial pieces of any Salesforce implementation is securing buy-in from top level leadership and Board of Directors in your organization.  As your Salesforce implementation partner, Cloud for Good can help you create and implement a plan that will ensure this buy-in. 

Identify Your Power Users – The variety of skills that staff at your organization possess may be incredibly diverse.  From users who are familiar with card catalogs to those who never knew a phone was actually connected to the wall – you can have a vast skill set to work with. 

Train Continually – Training is not a one-time event, but rather a continuous aspect of optimization that should be treated as priority.  As a dedicated nonprofit Salesforce implementation partner and higher education Salesforce implementation partner, Cloud for Good prides itself on our ability to work with your team to create a tailored training plan and implement it on site with your users or remotely.


How do you properly define what is important so that Salesforce gives you the answers you need to determine if you are meeting your mission?  

First and foremost, you need to spend the time to take your high-level mission and really work at breaking it down to specific and measurable goals that are easily quantified and managed.  We will work with you to define your goals and measurable outcomes.  We will also help you create the following: 

  • A process giving users only the information that they want/need to see 
  • Automation of tasks and workflows 
  • Relevant, revealing reports providing in-depth data 


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Your Technology investment Matures Over Time


Extension of your team to help with ongoing technology planning.  Cloud for Good continues to serve your unique needs and ensure your success after your Salesforce implementation has been completed. 


Proactive assistance to help you maximize your Salesforce investments.  True partnership with Cloud for Good allows issue resolution before those issues interfere with your systems.