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Your organization is forward-thinking, philanthropic, and deserving of a platform progressive enough to accommodate your global mission. Working to protect our environment, its wildlife, and the treatment of all animals demands a service fit to fuel that mission. Salesforce is truly the only platform capable of accommodating, assisting, and scaling to your organization’s needs. Cloud for Good has offered Salesforce implementation services to environmental and animal welfare organizations since our inception and truly understand the importance of the services your organization provides. 

Increase Your Impact With Salesforce

Salesforce for Animal Rights Organizations

Salesforce is more than just software, it’s a true platform on which your environmental or animal welfare organization can thrive.  Both modular and customizable, Salesforce comes equipped with the ability to be modified and configured according to your organization’s specific needs and programs.  Specific services built around fundraising, marketing and engagement, and program management (among many, many others) can be tailored specifically to your organization’s requirements.  As you grow, Salesforce is ready to help you along to the next step. 

Making sure that the environment is protected for current and future generations, rehoming pets, and protecting endangered species are just a few ways that organizations like yours help to make the world we live in a better place.

Salesforce for Environmental + Animal Rights Organizations

unify constituents

Unify Constituent Interactions

Deliver better programs and services, engage, and strengthen your community, communicate more effectively, and raise more resources when you align your entire organization through Salesforce. From branches and affiliates, supporters and volunteers, all aspects of your  organization will benefit from Salesforce’s ability to streamline and connect your systems.  

Salesforce user adoption

Implement Organization-Wide Integration

Connecting, managing, and accessing all data points in your legacy system can be a challenge.  Through Salesforce, your environmental or animal welfare organization can deliver a centralized multi-channel solution, customize those solutions based on the need of your constituents, and alloy you to employ a greater donor/constituent-centric approach. 

Connect your community with Salesforce

Connect Your Community

The Salesforce Community portal interface provides organizations with the means to manage their entire mission in one, central location through a platform that can scale as you grow.  Whether you’re managing auction items, tracking event attendance, or engaging your constituents, the Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud is the platform built towards your continued success. 


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“Cloud for Good gave us the confidence that we can make this dream a reality, and they delivered it!”  

“Raiser’s Edge was no longer a feasible solution for our organization. We chose a cloud-based solution giving us more flexibility and mobile access.”