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Many of the top nonprofit and education institutions are transforming their businesses by leveraging the Salesforce platform. While our clients are seeing tremendous business value and returns on their technology investments as a result of these implementations, they are struggling to find experienced Salesforce talent to join their team post-go-live. With an average of five open positions per one candidate, and the expected creation of nine million Salesforce positions by 2026, Cloud for Good is committed to addressing this growing gap with a new program we call Talent for Good.

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What we are hearing from our clients

  • Inability to afford or compete with local Salesforce talent demands
  • Lengthy hiring processes and increased recruiting costs
  • Difficulty retaining skilled talent
  • Candidates without Salesforce training, experience, or certifications
  • Little to no industry experience
  • Lack of diverse candidates

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Benefits of talent for good

Attracting and Retaining Top Talent

With Talent for Good, you’ll be able to leverage Talent for Good apprentices to extend your internal team or your Cloud for Good delivery team, with the option of hiring them full-time. 

Lower Your Hiring Costs

Hiring can be costly, especially when looking at entry-level resources. With Talent for Good, you will lower your recruitment, onboarding, training, and retention costs.

Access Pre-Vetted Talent

We’re bringing you the top, most-diverse talent within the Salesforce ecosystem, having already witnessed their work ethic, drive, and skills in action.

Hire Candidates with Experience

Our training program includes making sure every candidate is Salesforce-certified and possesses proven work experience before joining your team.

Nonprofit and Education Focus

Working with Cloud for Good, the Talent for Good apprentices will already have access to customers in the nonprofit and higher education spaces. They speak your language and align with your business values.

“Talent for Good will allow us to ensure that our clients are not only up and running with the #1 CRM, but also have the talent and support for their solutions from day one.”

Tal Frankfurt, Founder and CEO, Cloud for Good

About Cloud for Good

Cloud for Good is a leading cloud consulting firm helping nonprofit organizations and higher education institutions create and accelerate their transformational value with technology. Founded in 2010, Cloud for Good is a certified B Corporation and a Premium Salesforce.org Partner. Collaborating with clients within the nonprofit and higher education spaces, Cloud for Good helps organizations achieve results, innovate, and transform their operations.

Talent for Good