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At Cloud for Good, we believe that those committed to creating a positive change in the world should have access to the best people, technology, and funds.  There is so much good already happening in our communities and we, as a company, seek to empower the continued efforts of those making our communities happier, safer, and more productive Cloud for Good is proudly recognized as 1 of only 2,500 B Corporations worldwide.  A 5-time Best for the World Honoree, Cloud for Good’s mission statement of helping clients create transformational value with technology falls directly in line with the values of a B Corp, and we strive each and every day to uphold those values of community, environmental, and global responsibility.  We are dedicated to fighting inequality, empowering local communities, and making a positive impact on the lives of our employees and the world at large.  

Our Principles

Cloud for Good works with nonprofit and higher education organizations to create and implement strategic solutions based on cloud technology.  In short, we help you help your clients and we believe that our work helps these organizations create a positive change in the world.  To that end, we do not work with organizations that actively promote discrimination against any group within the society based on their race, sexual orientation, gender, religion, or age, and we do not work with those that seek to control a person’s right to their own body.   

Cloud for Good is app agnostic, meaning we don’t take kickbacks from vendors we recommend.  We believe in collaboration and we always give honest advice to our clients.  Constant improvement and evolving are top priorities for the Cloud for Good team and we always practice what we preach.  While we specialize in and related applications implementations, our true specialty is understanding people and their pursuits for quantifiable, positive change in the world. 

Those committed to creating a positive change in the world should have access to the best people, technology, and funds.

Social Responsibility Program

The Cloud for Good corporate social responsibility program is designed to help these “do gooders” be more effective in achieving their mission.  Inspired by the Salesforce Foundation’s integrated 1-1-1 model, we deploy our expertise, technology, partnership, and financial resources to strengthen our communities and help them prosper.  As an industry-preferred Salesforce nonprofit implementation partner, and higher education Salesforce implementation partner, Cloud for Good is committed to practicing what we preach and creating a team culture of passion and collaboration. 

Cloud for Good Pro Bono Program 2020

Cloud for Good's 2020 Pro Bono Program

Since our inception, Cloud for Good has helped thousands of organizations create transformational value through the Salesforce platform. Each and every Cloud for Good employee cares deeply about supporting the highest-need organizations in their efforts to improve the communities they serve. This year, we are excited to offer Cloud for Good’s award-winning Salesforce consulting for FREE to qualifying organizations.
Volunteer Time Off

Volunteer Time

In order to build the vibrant, healthy, and safe communities we want for our employees and customers, we encourage all full-time employees at Cloud for Good to give back to the communities where they work and live.  To encourage and promote employee volunteering, we have established a Volunteer Time Off (VTO) policy.  Our employees can donate up to 3 days (1% of their time) per calendar year toward an eligible organization, in accordance with Cloud for Good’s giving and volunteering guidelines.  This policy allows our team members to engage with their local communities, give back to the movements and causes important to them, and follow through on our mission to “do more good” together.  As of January 2020over 3,000 volunteer hours have been given back to the nonprofit community. 

Product Donation

We strongly believe that technology can be a powerful force that can help organizations more efficient and effective.  That’s why we donate and discount our Salesforce AppExchange products to help organizations focus on achieving their mission.  Every company, business, and mission deserve equal access to the technology that will propel them towards greater success.  We translate needs to technology and always strive to provide excellent customer experience.  One of Cloud for Good’s core principles states that “our best product is support,” and we will always ensure that support is equally distributed across our trusted partners. 


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Diversity and Inclusion

Cloud for Good is committed to having a diverse and inclusive team, because we believe a diversity of people and perspectives leads to better outcomes for our clients and a more energizing and equitable place to work.  A wide variety in skills, experiences, backgrounds, and identities results in more impactful engagement with our clients, who in turn are working to make the world a better place.  We are continually working towards building a staff culture that celebrates individuals and encourages collective innovation.