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Meet the New Nonprofit Cloud: Session Overviews From the New York World Tour

Cloud for Good 2023 blog Meet the New Nonprofit Cloud: Session Overviews From the New York World Tour

Walking into the Javits Center for World Tour NYC 2023 felt like a homecoming. Surrounded by thousands of fellow Salesforce aficionados, we were all excited to hear more about product roadmaps, inspiring use cases, and the future of technology. With over 33.5K nonprofits in New York, it came as no surprise that Salesforce chose to hold the first official session on the new vision for Nonprofit Cloud during the New York World Tour. Let’s dive into what was discussed.

Benefits of the Nonprofit Cloud

Cloud for Good has previously written a blog about why we are excited about the new vision of the Nonprofit Cloud, and the New York World Tour confirmed a lot of what we knew. This new vision will continue to break down information silos even further than previous technology, making it easier to exchange information across the platform. It will do this by utilizing the amazing technology available through industry clouds, which means less reliance on custom coding and the ability to utilize tools built for all industries, not just nonprofits.

This is done by creating a brand-new data architecture. Previously, NPSP was built on top of Core functionality. With this new vision, the Nonprofit Cloud is built natively into the Core products, providing reduced complexity, heightened industry collaboration, and faster innovation. The purpose of all this is to better enable constituent impact by providing the full constituent 360.

What’s Included in the Nonprofit Cloud?

The first question we’ve been hearing is whether or not the P10 program will be discontinued. The short answer is no! Salesforce is still offering 10 free licenses for nonprofits via the Power of Us Program.

The next question is what functionality is available now, and what will be available over the next year. In this session, we got a sneak peek at what’s to come. Here’s what’s currently available in the Nonprofit Cloud:

  • Full Sales and Service Cloud
  • Program Management
  • Case Management

The Nonprofit Cloud will follow a similar release schedule to what we are currently used to, as Spring Release dropped in March ’23, Summer Release will drop in July ’23, and Winter Release in October ’23. What’s coming during those releases, as it stands now, are:

  • Grantmaking Add-On
  • Fundraising
  • Outcome Management

In addition, you’ll also have access to Common Components, including Form Builder (Omnistudio), Decision + Matching Engine (Business Rules Engine), Rollup Engine (Data Processing Engine), Milestone Planner (Action Plans), Visual Timelines (Timeline), Visual Relationships (Actionable Relationship Center, Life Events, etc.), and more.

Program + Case Management

With Program and Case Management being part of the first release, the session highlighted what’s currently available for general access (GA). The session also separated program management into three distinct categories: Program Delivery (GA), Case Management (GA), and Outcome Management (currently scheduled for release in October ’23).

Cloud for Good 2023 blog Meet the New Nonprofit Cloud-Session Overviews From the New York World Tour Screenshot 1

Program Delivery

  • Recurring Session Tracking
  • Bulk Participant upload
  • Attendance tracking
  • Units Delivered
  • Program Manager Home Page

Case Management

  • Guided Intake
  • Dynamic Case Plans
  • Integrated Note Tracking
  • Advanced Assessments

Outcome Management

  • Unified Program indicators
  • Integrated Assessments
  • Aggregated Results
  • Result Time Period Tracking


During the session, there was also a focus on fundraising, which was defined by either High-Touch Fundraising (enabling teams to build relationship and make the large ask), Mass Market (doing more with less), and Fundraising Operations (which directly focuses on how to build fundraising in the future).

Cloud for Good 2023 blog Meet the New Nonprofit Cloud-Session Overviews From the New York World Tour Screenshot 2

High-Touch Fundraising

  • Fundraising Portfolios
  • Donor Profile

Mass Market

  • Source Codes
  • Rollup Summaries
  • Segmentations

Fundraising Operations

  • Gift Data Model
  • Commitments
  • Designations
  • Soft Credits
  • Batch Gift Entry

Future Forward

The session ended with questions and throughout each answer, you could see the excitement growing. A main message that was shared was that this solution was created from the lessons learned from NPSP – the goal is to provide everything that was available with that tool, and more – making the best of Salesforce available to all nonprofits. You can watch the full session on Salesforce+ or follow Cloud for Good for more information as updates roll out and contact us today to explore how these new innovations can help drive impact at your organization.

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