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How Einstein GPT Creates Impact for Nonprofits and Higher Education

Cloud for Good 2023 blog how einstein gpt creates impact for nonprofits and higher education

Salesforce recently announced the launch of Einstein GPT, the world’s first generative AI designed specifically for CRMs. With this groundbreaking technology integrated into Salesforce CRM, over 40,000 nonprofit customers will be able to use AI to streamline tasks, automate content, and save time across fundraising and marketing departments. When Einstein GPT becomes generally available, it will be integrated into every Salesforce Cloud, from Slack to Marketing Cloud and Commerce Cloud. It should also be compatible with managed packages, such as the Nonprofit Success Pack or ISV solutions like UCI’s Ascend. 

What makes Einstein GPT so exciting is the fact that it will provide nonprofits and higher education institutions with the opportunity to seamlessly leverage OpenAI’s advanced AI model. Additionally, these organizations have the ability to choose whether they utilize the solution right away or choose their preferred external model. By using natural-language prompts directly within their Salesforce CRM, organizations can generate content that adapts continuously to evolving customer information and needs in real time. 

One of Salesforce’s biggest advantages over other ecosystems is its ability to evolve and improve over time. With over 200,000 customers, almost a quarter of which serve the social good sector, Salesforce can be a powerful multiplier of generative AI experiences creating quantifiably positive change across industries. The model will be continually refined with each instance and become increasingly more accurate, providing a huge differentiator for Salesforce. 

So, how can your fundraising team use Einstein GPT? 

Improve Donor Engagement  

Einstein GPT can write custom emails to hundreds of prospective donors based on CRM data, such as previous gifts, giving capacity, inclination, and location, while keeping your brand tone consistent. It can also help you prepare for your next donor meetings by generating a donor brief that you can share with your telemarketing team. However, it is important to note that you should not simply blindly trust the content, as while ChatGPT can get a lot of things right, it can also get many things wrong. You should still spend time reviewing content to ensure accuracy before sending it out. Nevertheless, the potential time-saving in writing the initial draft is significant. 

Create Fundraising Pages  

With Einstein GPT for Marketing Cloud, your development team can create a landing page template and campaign messaging for an upcoming event or to address a time-sensitive fundraising activity. Elements can be added to the landing page in one click, and Einstein GPT can even surface images that fit the description the marketer gives, as well as titles and forms.

Event Automation  

In addition to creating the event landing page, you can use Einstein GPT to generate content for event invitations, reminders, and follow-up messages to increase event attendance and engagement. 

There are also opportunities that extend far beyond fundraising; Einstein GPT for Service Cloud can auto-generate agent chat replies. The next time a prospective student has a question about your campus or financial aid, your team won’t need to think much about the answer because the Einstein Replies component can generate a response phrased in a way you would expect from a human. Furthermore, Einstein can automatically create a knowledge article based on the chat conversation, adding time-saving automation to future engagements and promoting collaboration from within your team. 

Salesforce Einstein is already generating more than 200 billion AI-powered predictions daily across the Customer 360, and Einstein GPT is poised to take this success even further through its intuitive design. The continued prevalence and acceleration of AI solutions like ChatGPT and Einstein GPT will only proliferate over time.  

For the forward-thinking, these tools provide new possibilities that could potentially usher in a new age of productivity and intuition to the way nonprofits and higher education work in the modern world. These possibilities allow these organizations to re-evaluate business processes and modernize efforts, but only if the solutions are used mindfully. The future is now, so let’s use these tools to make more impact on more people worldwide. 

Cloud for Good provides value to our customers through our extensive experience with industry-specific Salesforce implementations and a deep understanding of Salesforce’s current and future offerings. Connect with our team to discuss how you can leverage Salesforce technology to advance your mission. 

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