December 16, 2014

Getting the WHOLE Team On Board: Lessons Learned About Change Management

The system has been customized, all packages have been installed, all custom fields have been configured, data migration completed, even training has been scheduled. But there is one key step that is crucial to the success of your roll out. Getting the actual users on board.

December 2, 2014

User Adoption: Naming Your Salesforce

Naming software and software releases is a fairly common practice now. Operating systems are no longer just numbers they are Cheetah, Jaguar, Mountain Lion, Ice Cream Sandwich, and Jelly Beans. Incorporating a name like these allows you to have an easier connection with the software and the user base. This can enable the releases to be memorable and this creates opportunities for interesting marketing visuals. Even though your instance of Salesforce is internal to your business having a memorable name that allows your users to connect to it is worth exploring.