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Salesforce implementation best practices

Implementation Best Practices eBook

The purpose of this eBook is to share lessons learned and recommendations for best practices as you move forward with your implementation. These recommendations are not intended to be Salesforce specific, but are rather globally applicable recommendations for the implementation of any new technology tool.

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Stages of CRM Adoption

Through my work as a Salesforce consultant I believe there are three key levels or “energy states” an organization can potentially occupy. They run from low-adoption, low-efficiency, up to high adoption and high efficiency. A key indicator of where your organization might be revolves around the use of reports. Let’s explore that a bit and learn more about these three states.

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How Nonprofits Can Get Past Technology Culture Shock

We are in the midst of a major technology revolution and succeeding in this revolution does not mean consuming additional technology, or as many of our customers fear, replacing employees with new technology. Nonprofit organizations need to focus on enabling their employees, board members, and the constituents they serve to achieve more with technology.

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Receipting Canadian Tax Receipts

If you are a Canadian organization, this is a task you may struggle with due to the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA) tax receipting requirements. In this post, we will explore some of the CRA requirements and several solutions that may work for you.

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Implementation Best Practices: Data

Nothing sinks a new implementation faster than bad data. Users will quickly lose faith in the tool as well as those leading the implementation effort if incomplete, incorrect, or irrelevant data is present.
Read more about data best practices.

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How To Remove Complexity From Your Implementation Process

When using Salesforce to run your organization, there comes a point where the complexity of your implemented solution process may cause your users to complain, or sometimes even stop using your system. Over the last fifteen years I have heard so many complaints about business applications that point back to an issue of complexity. You can avoid it, learn how.

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Salesforce Sandbox and How To Use It

Who doesn’t like the idea of a sandbox? You can get creative, get dirty, and get better at what you’re looking to accomplish. Salesforce has some nice options here. Depending on the type of sandbox you spin up, you have different features, capabilities, and pricing. Read more about your options.

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How Can You Insure That Your Database Rollout is Successful?

Many of us have managed or participated in a database rollout. Usually we focus on selecting the best product for the organization’s needs, then choosing a vendor/partner to plan, design and implement the new system. But despite good intentions, often users are as frustrated with the ‘new’ database as they were with what it replaced. This post includes tips to make the process smoother after the roll out.

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