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Webinar: Causeview Fundraising Application

Causeview: Combines all of your donor management activities into one simple and powerful system. It manages donations, campaigns, events, receipts, acknowledgements, major gifts, and provides powerful reports. It’s on the cloud; access it anywhere in the world.

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5 keys to a successful fundraiser

If you are reading this, you are probably responsible for your non-profit’s fundraising event management. We do not have to tell you what an undertaking it is nor the pressure riding on its success. If you could facilitate the process, save time and energy; you’d be curious right? Hopefully, these simple steps will get you on the path.

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Apps for Good: Cirrus Insight

Cirrus Insight seamlessly integrates with Gmail, where constituent communication happens, and brings in contextual information from Salesforce, where vital constituent information is stored.

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Apps for Good: Cloud2You

Cloud2You makes it easy for users to upload via Salesforce, their own creative print materials and supports many standard business physical print formats such as Letters, Greeting Cards, Postcards and Brochures.

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Apps for Good: Conga Composer

AppExtremes is the company behind the Conga suite of solutions: Conga Composer, Conga Mail Merge, Conga Courier, Conga Conductor, and Conga Workflow. Our flagship product, Conga Composer, is the most popular document generation app on the Salesforce AppExchange and has consistently been in the AppExchange Top Ten since Conga Composer launched in 2007. Conga Composer makes it easy to retrieve your data from and merge that data into sophisticated documents, whether Word, Excel, PowerPoint or PDF. You can then print it, store it locally or in Salesforce, or send it via email. Conga Composer will also log activities, create follow up tasks and even update fields.

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Apps for Good: Click and Pledge

Nonprofits are transitioning in droves from expensive, closed, legacy-based donor management software to the free, open, feature-rich cloud platform available from Salesforce. They have discovered its easy integration, its far-reaching applications and its performance features that benefit the entire organization. No more silos of data; everyone works from the same database.

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Apps for Good – Salesforce Applications for Nonprofits Series Kick Off

This blog post kicks off a series of posts called “Apps for Good” where awesome AppExchange providers like Click and Pledge, Cirrus Insight, Vertical Response, Affinaquest, and AppExtremes (the Conga Composer guys) will guest post about their applications and how nonprofit and educational organizations can use them to collect online donations, integrate with Google Apps, or send mass emails.

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