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Apps for Good: Cloud2You

(This blog post is part of the “Apps for Good” series where awesome AppExchange providers guest post about their applications.)

Direct Mail generates over $373 Billion dollars in sales and donations per year. That’s a lot of money and prospects often go overlooked for lack of budget and manpower to generate and manage.

With Salesforce, now you can add this channel easily to your mix thanks to Cloud2You.

Salesforce is a great Cloud CRM solution, when used efficiently, it’s  purpose is to drive revenue or increase donations.  That’s where Cloud2You hedges your investment and enhances your reach.

Cloud2You by Advanced Image Direct, a large volume highly secure mail manufacturer known for mailing millions of pieces of mail per week for large companies across the United States, allows application users to send individual or campaign postal mail easily from Salesforce that is completely trackable. By “trackable”, we mean that when each individual piece, whether a single piece of correspondence mail or a campaign, when delivered by the U.S. Postal Service, activity history is updated with individual delivery confirmation. This confirmation can be used by organizations to close the loop with a historical record of what was sent or create additional event triggers to correspond with postal delivery information, using Salesforce.

Cloud2You makes it easy for users to upload via Salesforce, their own creative print materials and supports many standard business physical print formats such as Letters, Greeting Cards, Postcards and Brochures.

As an example;  users can send a single “Thank You” branded greeting card inserted in to an envelope for just $.99 and that includes the 1st class postage stamp! Plus, you will know when it was delivered.

It’s an economical solution as there are no minimum orders of mail, users simply pay for what they mail, as they mail. The very economical prices are published on the website; Salesforce, users can manage their catalog of materials and easily generate a campaign in a matter of minutes. The application is an Aloha app and utilizes Salesforce’s robust reporting features for mail usage. Assigning budgets for individual users is a snap.

Cloud2You comes “out of the box” with a free catalog of items that users can have their logo appended to at no cost to get them started.  Users can send their own letterhead in an envelope and create text message templates almost immediately upon download. All materials whether catalog items or your own print materials are printed on-demand when ordered, so there is virtually no waste and all items are printed on FSC certified papers, so it’s good for the environment as well.

Some examples of how users are leveraging Cloud2You for salesforce:

•  Seeking Donations, on-boarding new members

• Customer Service, Call centers, Win-back

• Literature fulfillment, Thank You notes

• Customer Acquisition, Retention and Loyalty

While studies and reports may vary slightly, one consistent fact is that direct mail still has the most consistent and highest ROI.  In 2011, Direct Mail accounted for $373 Billion + in sales & Donations followed by Search Engine with $14.4B and Email at $ 13.7B.

Cloud2You is a free to download application that will get you on track for “fully” integrated marketing automation and within your individual budget.

Guest post by Tina Tarvin from Advanced Image Direct for Cloud2You. You can contact Tina at [email protected]