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Have a Salesforce Question? The Hub May Have the Answer!

If you’re a Salesforce Administrator for your organization, just starting off using Salesforce, or have been using Salesforce for years – and have a burning question about using the platform, the Power of Us Hub may have the answer.

The Hub launched nearly two years ago in July of 2013 and is one of the best resources I have found when it comes to Salesforce information specific to nonprofits and educational institutions. My colleague, Paige Van Riper, wrote an excellent post when it launched on how to log in and the key functionality you will find in the Hub.

So if something suddenly breaks in your Salesforce org or an upgrade to an app isn’t working as expected, log in to the Hub and do a quick search to see if someone else has posted about a similar issue. If not, don’t be shy to ask a question. You’ll likely receive a swift response from someone else experiencing the issue or from an expert that can help you resolve your problem.

You can also share experiences with organizations using Salesforce similar to the way you are or learn of new ideas of how to maximize Salesforce for your organization. With over 25,000 nonprofits using the Salesforce platform, the Hub is a great place for networking and meeting others working in the nonprofit Salesforce ecosystem.

The Hub allows you to not only connect with other nonprofits using Salesforce but also to hear from members of the Salesforce Foundation team and implementation partners like Cloud for Good. This is a huge advantage for nonprofit organizations who may not have the time, resources, or capacity to keep every piece of crucial Salesforce information in house. Last summer, the Salesforce Foundation team honored “Community Heroes” that were top contributors to the Hub and provided critical support to nonprofits. Several Cloud for Good team members were honored as a hero for their contributions to making the Hub a place that all nonprofits using Salesforce should be.

You can also find a host of Knowledge articles on varying topics from upgrading to the latest version of the Nonprofit Starter Pack, to NGO Connect documentation, to apps that may be useful for your organization. These Knowledge articles can not only be a resource for all your Salesforce users but many times can address questions or problematic issues you are experiencing.

The Hub also contains dozens of groups pertinent to nonprofit specific topics (fundraising, grants management, etc.), apps (email marketing, online donations, etc.), sectors within the nonprofit space (higher education, foundations, etc.), and much more. Groups are a great way to learn more about topics that are of interest to you. You can also subscribe to group digests (weekly, daily) so you receive an overview email of all the discussions that have taken place in that group during the specified time frame. Personally, this is one of my favorite features in that I can review all the discussions at once and take action on ones relevant to me. You can also find local Salesforce nonprofit user groups in the Hub which are typically in person meetings of Salesforce users in local communities. User groups are another fantastic way to meet others using Salesforce in your area, learn of new ideas, or brainstorm ways to get the most out of your Salesforce experience.

If you haven’t yet joined the Hub, I encourage you to log in today and start exploring all that the Hub has to offer to the nonprofit community.

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