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Connections 2015: Bringing the Marketing Cloud to Nonprofits

Connections just wrapped up in New York, and this was by far was the best showing of the whole Marketing Cloud to the public. I’m so excited to share this with you!

In its 10th year, Connections has undergone three major changes: first, the show moved to the biggest marketing audience in the world, New York City. Second, this was the first year that equally showed off all the great products that the Marketing Cloud has to offer in demos, discussions, and breakout sessions. Finally, Connections introduced a Nonprofit/Campus Solutions track, talking all about real life use-cases for these great products. A few constituent management examples stuck out to me:

Creating customized journeys 

Your constituents are more likely to be engaged when you contact them at just the right time. Journey Builder allows your team to create processes that match the best time for your constituents to interact with your nonprofit. These can be based upon signing up for an email newsletter, downloading your org’s app, or filling out a volunteer application. Timely notifications can then be pushed out along the journey, either through passing near a beacon, answering a text message call to action, or just waiting a few days. Metrics are being collected along the way that allow you to perform A/B testing, and all the data is pushed back into Salesforce to take advantage of their great reporting features.

Engaging with your social audience

Social Studio, the new name for the former products Radian6 and Buddy Media, allows nonprofits to listen to social platforms and take action on feedback from their most dedicated audiences – their constituents. Hashtag searching, related searches (comparing your nonprofit to similar nonprofits), and ownership of posts allow nonprofits to reply back to positive feedback, quickly answer questions or concerns, and find out what’s trending amongst their audience.

Crazy good metrics 

ExactTarget provides a best in breed reporting solution on every discussion with the customer – from data on how long your app was live on the screen to the demographic breakdown of those who clicked on the Call to Action link in your email. Furthermore, these metrics can be viewed in Salesforce, which allows for even better visibility by senior staff.

Although it should go without saying, the Marketing Cloud offers competitive discounts to nonprofits, and many Cloud for Good clients are taking advantage of everything that the Customer Success Platform has to offer.

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