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Nonprofit Cloud Keynote Highlights from Dreamforce 2018

Nonprofit Cloud Keynote Highlights from Dreamforce 2018

Nonprofit organizations are learning the power of connecting their fundraising, programs and marketing management. noticed the impact on this connectivity and announced the Nonprofit Cloud earlier this year. This exciting, new offering was created to help nonprofits get a 360-degree view of their constituents by tracking and measuring impact in real time. Now organizations can raise more resources by unlocking donor data and take each constituent on their own personal journey.

Sounds pretty good, right? Now it’s about to get even better!

During the Nonprofit Cloud Keynote at Dreamforce 2018, Lori Freeman,’s VP of Nonprofit Industry Solutions kicked off the presentation by celebrating the nonprofit Ohana. Over 3,000 nonprofit organizations have gathered in San Francisco at Dreamforce 2018 from across the globe with the same goal – to do more good. Freeman spoke about the need to be smarter about engaging with constituents and why being impact first and leading with data-driven stories is so important.

Couldn’t make it to the keynote? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with some of the key highlights.

Become an Impact First Nonprofit Through Your Programs

The need for nonprofit organizations is on the rise. Salesforce cited that 78% of people see an increased need for programs and services. While people are willing to stand up for the causes they believe in (for example 5 million people participated in the woman’s marches in 2017 & 2018), you need to build trust with your constituents to move them to action. This can be done by communicating and engaging with your constituents in a data-driven way. How can you lead with your data to make a greater impact?

  • Einstein Analytics Upgrade: Making Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions more accessible, Salesforce has an option for everyone! Connecting Einstein Analytics to your programs and Sales Cloud extends your basic Salesforce reporting functionality by enabling you to gain insights into your opportunities, lead scoring, inbox and Sales Analytics App.  
  • Community Cloud Surveys for More Engagement: If you’re using Salesforce Communities, you already know the impact this solution can have on building your community both online and off. Salesforce welcomed San Francisco Habitat for Humanity up on stage to share their Salesforce journey. Habitat for Humanity’s Communities not only help them solicit feedback from their constituents but also lets the community support and empower each other by asking and answering member’s questions. They also spoke on a new Salesforce Survey tool, which allows Habitat for Humanity to launch a survey directly from a Community to better understand what’s most effective in services, while it is top of mind.
  • Introducing Einstein Bots: While this may seem like science fiction, Salesforce announced Einstein Bots. Einstein Bots can help free up your staff’s valuable time by identifying constituent concerns by finding the trends in your data.
  • Einstein Voice: Einstein Voice was one of my favorite announcements. This new feature will allow your organization to collect more data in the field, like case notes and next steps. Einstein Voices lives within the Salesforce App, and all you have to do is speak to it. Using keywords like ‘create a task’ or ‘update lifetime impact’. It doesn’t just listen to what you say, it also takes actionable insights to update contacts in real time. It saves your employees valuable time, by removing the need to take notes and transcribe them back in the office.

Empowering Everyone with Your Fundraising

To empower your entire organization to lead with impact, it is imperative that you connect every aspect of your fundraising, programs and constituent management. The American Cancer Society joined Salesforce to discuss how they have empowered their organization to lead with impact.

Migrating their organization to Salesforce (from a 15-year-old system) was more than just a technology change, it was an organizational and mindset change. They were able to configure their instance of Salesforce while staying true to their mission and organizational goals. They did that with:

  • Nonprofit Cloud as a Single Source of Truth: All information about constituents, including involvement with an organization and donation history is now keep in the Nonprofit Success Pack. Any department within their organization can see this information and use it increase engagement in a meaningful way.
  • Personalized Journey: The American Cancer Society has enabled constituents to set up their own profiles, allowing them to craft a personal journey. Using Einstein, the American Cancer Society can analyze constituent data and suggest the next best offer to better engage with their constituents.
  • Batch Gift Entry: Designed to streamline your data entry, announced you can now enter donation data on one screen, fast and mouse-free. You will be able to build and reuse your templates, while the power of Salesforce can use intelligence to help prevent duplicate records.
  • Data Storage Optimizer: Do you have a large amount of data? has you covered. With Data Storage Optimizer, they’ve introduced a way to efficiently manage large data volumes, by offloading opportunity and related date. It enables your organization to easily view your constituent’s entire donation history, in a manageable way.

Salesforce Continues Investment in the Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP)

You’ve been asking, and Salesforce listened. Check out the NPSP innovation Salesforce announced.

  • Customizable Rollups: You can now roll up any data in NPSP objects, including payments for cash accounting. With this feature, you can get access to custom filtering and enhanced user defined rollups.
  • Automated Soft Credits: With this feature, you can track solicitor and board ‘give or get’ requirements and create soft credits based on relationship or affiliation.
  • Account Soft Credits: With Account Soft Credits, you can attribute soft credit to specific accounts.

The nonprofit organizations, partners and all the Ohana at Dreamforce left the keynote full of energy after learning how their peers are successfully transforming their programs and fundraising management with the Salesforce platform. We can’t wait to share more exciting updates with our community as the week progresses! Until then, be sure to check out the Dreamforce Live Feed!