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Giving Thanks with Cloud for Good

Giving Thanks with Cloud for Good

2021 has been a truly unprecedented year at Cloud for Good, filled with landmark achievements like the launch of Talent for Good and being named the Partner of the Year in both the Nonprofit and Education spaces.  Indeed, we have much to be thankful for, most of all the opportunity to help nonprofit organizations and higher education institutions transform their operations with Salesforce technology.  Cloud for Good has grown significantly this year, and we are thankful to have leaders like Dana Genson, Dave Sicoli, Kestryl Lowrey, and Tyler Rendleman shepherding innovation across our respective education, technology, and nonprofit efforts. 

Below you’ll hear from Cloud for Good’s Managing Directors on what they are most thankful for as we enter the 2021 holiday season.  

Dana Genson – Executive Vice President, Services

Cloud for Good emerged from 2020 with considerable momentum after exhibiting incredible resiliency in the face of global challenges.  We then used that momentum to propel our client service forward in 2021, launching our new campaign services line of business, and earning industry recognition in the process.  Now, with the recent launch of Talent for Good, Cloud for Good has cemented itself as a hub of excellence within the ecosystem for the next generation of technology difference-makers to grow and thrive.  2021 has been a shining example of the power of teamwork to help drive an organization through challenges, and I couldn’t be more thankful for what Cloud for Good and our Goodies have created and achieved.

Dave Sicoli – Managing Director, Education Industry

I’m incredibly thankful for the opportunity many of Cloud for Good’s education clients and their students had in being able to return to campuses nationwide for academics, collegiate athletics, and extracurricular activities.  Cloud for Good has had an amazing year with our Salesforce partners, highlighted by winning Education Partner of the Year, the Partner Innovation Award, and our customers getting recognized at the Education Summit Salesforce Innovation Award in 2021.  I’ve also seen firsthand the importance of having the right staff available to support ongoing maintenance of your salesforce environment and the employer challenges of finding the right fit.  Being part of an organization that focuses on filling the Salesforce job gap by creating a paid apprenticeship program, Talent for Good, for the next generation of diverse Salesforce exports is something I’m particularly thankful for this year.  Finally, knowing I’m able to consistently work with an astounding group of consultants and clients to solve business process, data, and communication problems to better serve their students and alumni keeps me motivated daily. 

Kestryl Lowery – Managing Director, Technology Services

Cloud for Good has been innovating and leading with advanced technical solutions for our clients in 2021, and I am so thankful that we have had the opportunity to deliver these solutions.  Our team provides our clients with new Salesforce systems leveraging Commerce Cloud, Experience Cloud, MuleSoft, Tableau, and more—using best-in-class technology and talent to move them closer to their missions.  Our new campaign services line of business allows us to help our clients better use their data as an asset, and get deeper technical solutions that extend beyond the Salesforce platform.  I am grateful for the opportunities for our team members to stay on the cutting edge of technology, and continue to learn and build awesome things while helping our colleagues and partners succeed.  

Tyler Rendleman – Managing Director, Nonprofit Industry 

2021 has been a great year for Cloud for Good and our Salesforce partners, as we were recognized as the Nonprofit Partner of the Year and created so many fulfilling new relationships within the space.  Awards and accolades are fantastic, but the true milestones come from the chance to watch our #BestTeamEver grow by the day with new Goodies and see them learn and succeed alongside the company.  Being able to support so many mission-driven organizations with transformative business and technology changes to help them be more successful is what makes our hard work worthwhile.  And, of course, the chance to meet some of our team in person, according to COVID safety guidelines, has been a true pleasure and something I’m deeply grateful for this year.