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How to Convince Your Management to Implement Salesforce

Who doesn’t want to increase productivity and increase your organizations mission?

It’s a changing world out there and nonprofits need to adopt new technology platforms or risk falling into the background. Change is change, meaning it’s usually not easy, but it is a constant, and will most certainly always encounter some push back from one or more people.

Do Your Research

Know how Salesforce can work for you. There are great resources available out there to help guide you in your quest for knowledge of the Salesforce platform and it’s use in the nonprofit world. Request a free 30-day trial from and experience the platform for yourself.

Come up with a list of key performance metrics that you will be able to track and cite from a Salesforce implementation. This will help show value to those who will need to adopt the system.

Know what your overall costs will be. This isn’t just monetary costs, which are important, but you’ll want to include cost of ownership and maintenance over time. Technology is constantly evolving and you’ll want to make sure you have cited a plan for your organization to handle general maintenance of your system as well as any future enhancements.

Cite Use Cases

Chart out specific use cases of tasks or business processes, show how they are handled today in your organization and a possible solution of how they could be handled in Salesforce. Automating these processes helps your organization become more effective and efficient.

Demonstrate the flexibility of the platform. Salesforce has three upgrades per year that are
automatically pushed into live environments. The AppExchange has thousands of applications that can be installed in your Salesforce platform, further customizing and broadening your use. Choose a few specific apps that could be useful to your organization and explain their functionality. Everyone wants to work smarter, not harder!


Present Successful Organizations

Talk with similar nonprofits either in your area or elsewhere who have successfully implemented a
Salesforce solution for all or part of their organization. With your trial account you can join The Power Of Us Hub and connect to thousands of nonprofits currently using and evaluating Salesforce.

Let your management team know about the ever growing community of nonprofit Salesforce users, as well as the even larger general Salesforce ecosystem.

There’s a reason over 26,000 nonprofits have implemented a Salesforce solution. It offers a flexible and scalable solution for fundraising, program management, donor management, volunteer management and so many other nonprofit specific needs. Presenting all your new knowledge and use cases will position you to demonstrate the value and impact of a successful Salesforce implementation.

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