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#BestTeamEver: A True Story of Virtual Working

“So what does that mean that your company is virtual? Is your paycheck virtual too?” Those were the first questions my dad asked me when I told him I was applying to work at Cloud For Good. After assuring him the paycheck would be very real, I started to explain to him the wonders of the cloud and the idea that working from home is not some passing trend.

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Giving Back – My Day Volunteering At Cradles to Crayons

Donating to a charity is a great way to ensure that their mission is accomplished, but there is something so much more rewarding about being able to volunteer your time, and sometimes sweat, to a cause that is near and dear to your heart. As our lives become increasingly busier as we take on careers, family and hobbies, it can be hard to find a time that works for you and an organization to volunteer your time. Depending on the areas that your chosen organization serves, weekends may not be an available option. Lucky for me, Cloud For Good recognizes this and allows time off from work for employees to volunteer in their communities.

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Merchant Accounts, Payment Gateways, Virtual Terminals, Oh My!

It’s a digital age and you’re behind the times if you’re not accepting online donations from your donors. So you start to weigh the options, researching apps that will allow you to create custom forms branded to your website. Then you get into the thick of things where you need to start making decisions on how you’ll securely accept these donations and make sure they appear in your bank account. That’s when it get’s a bit complicated.

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Navigating NGO Connect Batch Upload

Though we’d all love for all vendors to have seamless integrations with Salesforce, the truth is some of the vendors nonprofits works with do not. When this is the case you’re faced with inserting data created by your vendors into your Salesforce environment. Examples of these types of files could be checks deposited to your organization’s bank account, lists of donors that were gathered at an event or in the field where there was no internet connection or a list of names and emails received from a sponsored event.

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