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Boosting Hospital Foundation Fundraising With Cloud for Good and Classy

Cloud for Good 2023 Blog - Boosting Hospital Foundation Fundraising With Cloud for Good and Classy

Nonprofit organizations supporting health-related causes have a unique responsibility to spread awareness of their mission, services, and sciences to all.  As the public health system continues to recover from the pandemic and adapt to an ever-changed philanthropic landscape, the fundraising strategies of yesteryear must be injected with a potent dose of modernity to keep up with demand.

The various facets of the healthcare and life science industries are complex and uniquely challenging.  But, with help from the Salesforce implementation services provided by Cloud for Good and the powerful nonprofit fundraising tools delivered by Classy, hospital foundations can honor their commitments to those they serve and propel their vital missions forward.

If your hospital foundation is struggling to raise funds—or just looking for new ways to innovate in the space—take note of a few of our favorite hospital foundation fundraising ideas below.

Reimagine Engagement + Partnerships

Hospital foundations, big and small, rely on grateful patient programs, corporate partnerships, and community-based engagement solutions to acquire and convert donors.  These solutions help hospitals better identify high-quality fundraising prospects, which informs their fundraising strategies and appeals.

From individual donors to major gift officers, Salesforce for Nonprofits provides a scalable business model that directly benefits hospital foundation fundraising efforts.  This multi-faceted solution helps achieve a 360-degree view of every interaction between staff, donors, and volunteers, resulting in deeper relationships that pave the way for greater propensities to give.  As relationships deepen, so do insights into constituents and the availability of data used to better inform fundraising efforts.

Reenergize Events + Fundraisers

Events have long been a go-to option for hospitals looking to boost fundraising and connect constituents in the process.  Today, through technology, we are seeing these organizations lead the charge in exploring new ways of holding fundraising events and supporting hospital foundation initiatives in virtual, in-person, and hybrid spaces.  With tools like Classy’s silent and live auction software for nonprofits, it’s never been easier to boost fundraising revenue and attendee engagement through technology.

Riley Children’s Foundation seeks to transform children’s health by funding life-changing pediatric research, exceptional care, and medical experts working with children day in and day out.  Utilizing Salesforce and the Classy fundraising platform, Riley Children’s Foundation hosts memorable fundraising campaigns and events, such as the annual Riley Rally, to fund biomedical research investments and ensure all children can reach their optimal health and quality of life.

During the ever-important year-end giving season in 2022, Riley Children’s Foundation deployed a multi-channel approach to fundraising through the Classy for Salesforce integration as a way to boost fundraising and enhance donor communications.  The dynamic reports accessible through this integration clearly classified the key audiences with the greatest propensity to give or attend events according to engagement at specific milestones.

As a result, Cloud for Good and Classy for Salesforce helped Riley Children’s Foundation achieve a 19% increase in fundraising dollars and 22% more donations acquired by year’s end.

Fundraising on Salesforce
It’s been such an excellent experience working with the Cloud for Good implementation team that we often joke we’ve been spoiled forever because no one else can live up to the experience.
Katie Askey
Director, Development Operations,
Riley Children’s Foundation

Double Down on Donor Management

Looking for ways to better track and manage donors, donations, and campaigns, the CDC Foundation called on Cloud for Good to implement Salesforce for Nonprofits after migrating from Raiser’s Edge.  These Salesforce solutions improved the CDC Foundation’s donor management processes, helping segment communications to ensure each donor and corporate partner felt seen and heard.  These solutions would also end up having a profound effect on the foundation’s ability to raise funds in a time of crisis.

The CDC Foundation transformed its existing donation forms into an Emergency Response Fund campaign following the emergence of COVID-19.  This allowed the organization to immediately begin collecting donations to combat the crisis. Enhanced segmentation, tracking, and overall donor management resulted in an unprecedented fundraising effort helping make a difference in public safety when the nation needed it most.

The CDC Foundation raised over $30M in donations through its Emergency Response Fund in less than three months, and nearly $1.3M on Classy between 2020 and 2021 through the same campaign.  All in all, the CDC Foundation’s carefully curated suite of donor management solutions engaged 7,240 individual donors across 2020 and 2021.

Fundraising on Salesforce
We went from a donor database of 42,000 donors to over 150,000 in just a few months, and individual giving increased by 2,403%, all tracked through Salesforce. We needed this fully-integrated CRM system to handle that.
Dr. Judy Monroe
President and CEO,
CDC Foundation

Making a Difference Together

The impact hospital foundations have on our collective society is immeasurable.  At the center of this impact is an earnest belief in the power of community and care.  Cloud for Good and Classy uphold these virtues each day through our shared pursuits in connecting clients with the technologies capable of transforming their missions.

Contact us today to learn more about what Cloud for Good and Classy can do for your hospital foundation.

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