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White Paper: Becoming a Connected Organization

If you work at a nonprofit using, or exploring the use of, Salesforce you may be wondering how Salesforce1 for Nonprofits, the Nonprofit Starter Pack 3.0, and NGO Connect impact your organization or even what they are.  This is an exciting time for the world of nonprofits but we understand you likely have many questions.  Let us help you understand the many valuable aspects of transitioning your fundraising, program, volunteer management and much more into the cloud with the help of tools designed specifically to meet the needs of nonprofit organizations.

As nonprofit experts who can speak fluent nonprofit, Cloud for Good we’ve put together this white paper about Becoming a Connected Nonprofit to help you understand how Salesforce can help you become a connected organizations. It covers features and functionality from NGO Connect and the Nonprofit Starter Pack.

Cloud for Good can help you navigate through all of the options when looking at implementing a CRM solution on the Salesforce platform. Cloud for Good has worked with over 600 nonprofit organizations and identified the best path forward to making their world connected.

By partnering with you to evaluate what your goals are, how you are accomplishing them today, and what desired improvements you are looking to achieve, we will leverage our experience to help identify the best strategy and solution to utilize.

Download our FREE white paper, Becoming a Connected Nonprofit, to better understand your options on the Salesforce platform.