We are Salesforce experts who speak fluent nonprofit!

Everyone on our team is a full time employee, holds at least one Salesforce certification, and has nonprofit or higher education experience.

Tal Frankfurt, Founder and CEO

Location: North Carolina
Prior to founding Cloud for Good, Tal was the Director of Resource Development for a nonprofit organization that worked with at-risk immigrant youth.

Will Nourse, Vice President of Operations

Location: Massachusetts
Prior to joining Cloud For Good, Will spent more than a decade leading technology at several large non-profit organizations focused on the education sector.

Dana Genson, Vice President of Services

Location: Colorado
Dana comes to Cloud for Good with over 15 years of consulting experience. She is a growth leader with a proven record of growing and building high performing teams.

Fabienne Otruba-Fhal, Vice President of Sales

Location: New York
Prior to joining Cloud for Good, Fabienne has worked for both Appirio and Silverline Salesforce Consulting partners and brings extensive experience in services sales.

Annie Shek, Director of Professional Services

Location: Michigan
Annie’s experiences include working in philanthropy, consulting, and developing a youth center, as well as being the Enterprise CRM Manager at a health group.

Danny Rodriguez, Director of Managed Services

Location: Florida
After working as a Salesforce enduser for three years at a Florida based nonprofit, Danny quickly became a firm advocate for the benefits that Salesforce.com can provide.

Derek Bairstow, Director of Professional Services

Location: Calgary
Derek has been working with the Salesforce platform for over 6 years. The first 3 years were on the customer side managing Salesforce projects related to sales, marketing, and services.

Emily Hinck, Director of Professional Services

Location: Colorado
Emily brings over 10 years of hands-on nonprofit experience to Cloud for Good. She has worked with a wide range of organizations as well as earned a Master’s Degree in Nonprofit Management from Regis University.

Jill Brabender, Director of Professional Services

Location: Indiana
Jill’s passion for cloud technology and customer success was born in 2006. As an IT Director for a higher ed software development firm, she was introduced to Salesforce during her search for a CRM solution.

Laura Maker, Director of Professional Services

Location: Wisconsin
Laura has been working with Salesforce for seven years, and has more than ten years of experience in nonprofit development, communications, and operations.

Lindsey Ciochina, Director of Finance and Administration

Location: Illinois
Lindsey joins Cloud for Good after spending more than 10 years in the education and nonprofit sectors, primarily as a Vice President at Teach For America.

Steven Lowery, Director of Professional Services

Location: California
Prior to joining Cloud for Good, Steven spent his entire professional career with Teach For America. He first served as a corps member teaching 1st grade in Hartford, CT.

Tara Guastella, Director of Sales

Location: New York
After leading a Salesforce implementation in her previous role as a nonprofit program manager, Tara knew she wanted to help other nonprofit organizations transform their processes and reach their goals through the use of Salesforce.

Aarica Smith, Cloud Consultant

Location: Georgia
Combining her nonprofit skills with her attention to detail and technical background in Salesforce and database management, Aarica thrives on providing smart and efficient business solutions that can take an organization’s mission to the next level.

Abdul-Rahman Haddam, Cloud Consultant

Location: Virginia
Abdul has seven years of nonprofit technology expertise, as well as skills in the analysis of IT procedures, controls, and strategies to ensure adherence to organizational goals and requirements.

Aiden Martin, Senior Cloud Consultant

Location: Newfoundland, Canada
Aiden has a BA in Political Science and a Diploma in Information Technology. He spent over 10 years as the salesforce.com admin for a Canadian telecommunications company.

Alexandra Ervan, Senior Cloud Consultant

Location: North Carolina
Ali is an administrator and business analyst with more than 10 years of experience in the nonprofit sector. She stumbled upon Salesforce and never looked back.

Amanda Bittner, Cloud Consultant

Location: Florida
Amanda holds over five Salesforce certifications including Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and Community Cloud, and the list grows each year.

Amy Martin, Senior Cloud Consultant

Location: Michigan
Amy comes to Cloud for Good with over 14 years combined experience in the nonprofit, business, and public education sectors, and has over five years of experience working with Salesforce.

Amy Morin, Cloud Consultant

Location: Maine
Amy comes to Cloud for Good with six years of Salesforce experience and is eager to partner with nonprofit organizations to fully leverage the power of the platform.

Benjamin Washam, Senior Cloud Consultant

Location: Washington
Benjamin’s personal motto is “question, create, change the world.” As a Cloud Consultant he gets to do all three as he finds creative solutions to help nonprofits overcome technological obstacles to their mission.

Brittany Rhynold, Cloud Consultant

Location: Canada
Brittany brings seven years of experience with the Salesforce platform to Cloud for Good and currently holds eight Salesforce certifications.

Charlotte Ahles, Cloud Consultant

Location: California
Charlotte is a certified Salesforce Administrator and is passionate about helping nonprofits do their work more effectively and efficiently. 

Courtney Phillips, Cloud Consultant

Location: Illinois
Courtney is a Certified Pardot Consultant who is passionate about shifting all the puzzle pieces and landing on a Salesforce solution that works cross-functionally for improved collaboration, productivity, and measurement.

Craig Mabee, Account Executive

Location: Ontario, Canada
Craig joins Cloud for Good with over 24 years of nonprofit management experience and most recently, over five years of Salesforce/SaaS sales and account management experience.

Daegan Gray, Senior Cloud Consultant

Location: Massachusetts
Daegan comes to Cloud for Good with over 10 years of experience working on the Salesforce Platform as an Administrator, Developer, and Consultant. 

Dave Austin, Sales Engineer

Location: Texas
Prior to joining Cloud for Good, Dave spent 20 years working with technology solutions, and ten years working with nonprofits and higher education institutions.

Derek Eli, Cloud Consultant

Location: Nashville
Derek enjoys the challenge of solving problems and making work processes more efficient.

Dorian Thomas, Account Executive

Location: Atlanta
Dorian comes to Cloud for Good from Salesforce.Org where he was an Account Executive dedicated to Higher Education.

Elle McKay, Solutions Architect

Location: Oregon
Elle has been working on the Salesforce platform for over 10 years and even longer with nonprofits, colleges and local and regional government agencies. She has 15 Salesforce related certifications.

Emily Morse, Senior Cloud Consultant

Location: New York
Emily is excited to connect with and assist nonprofits and higher ed institutions more broadly. She shifted gears after working with several nonprofits and strengthened her consulting and project management skills.

Eric McCune, Account Executive

Location: Texas
Eric brings over five years experience working with higher education institutions to Cloud for Good. He has a strong background in student recruiting, alumni engagement and annual giving.

Francis Scudellari, Senior Cloud Consultant and Data Therapist

Location: Maryland
Prior to joining Cloud for Good, Francis spent three years helping a wide range of nonprofits make the transition to Salesforce as their fundraising application.

Jeff Snow, Project Manager

Location: Virginia
Jeff comes to Cloud for Good with over 12 years experience working in IT in the nonprofit sector. A certified Project Management Professional, he has been delivering complex IT projects to support organizations’ missions and improve overall user experiences.

Jen Keys, Senior Cloud Consultant

Location: New York
Prior to joining Cloud for Good, Jen worked with the Charles and Lynn Schusterman Foundation’s ROI Community, where she managed multiple grant portfolios and enhanced constituent engagement and organizational impact.

Joshua Kidd, Cloud Consultant

Location: California
Josh has spent his career using his technical expertise to help nonprofit organizations better serve their communities. He earned his Salesforce Administrator Certification in 2010

Julie Workman, Senior Cloud Consultant

Location: North Carolina
Julie has been an advocate of the Salesforce platform for nonprofits since 2013 and currently holds six Salesforce certifications.

Kaitlyn Burns, Cloud Support Specialist

Location: Michigan
Kaitlyn believes that design is a necessary tool to be leveraged in everything from systems improvements to aesthetic enhancements.

Kari Dickerson, Cloud Consultant

Location: Idaho
Kari has worked with Salesforce for 8 years including 3 as a  Salesforce Administrator. She currently holds both her Salesforce Administrator and Advanced Administrator certifications.

Kat Luker, Cloud Consultant

Location: Texas
Kat comes to Cloud for Good with 13 years of IT experience in all aspects of the software development lifecycle including quality assurance, programming, systems management, and business analysis.

Kestryl Lowrey, Solutions Architect

Location: Oregon
Kestryl has 15 years of experience working with arts, social justice, and education non-profits.  He deeply believes in using technology to support and drive social change.

Kristin Kiester, Partner Alliances Manager

Location: Pennsylvania
Kristin comes to Cloud for Good with seven years in the Salesforce ecosystem and has her Sales Cloud Consultant and Administrator certifications.

Lesley Fanning, Account Executive

Location: Canada
Lesley joins Cloud for Good with nine years of technology sales and account management experience, most recently as an Account Executive with Salesforce.com.

Lydia Alvarez, Account Executive

Location: New York
Lydia Alvarez brings over ten years experience analyzing business processes and evaluating technology solutions within the nonprofit sector.

Mark Coburn, Senior Cloud Consultant

Location: Colorado
Mark has a passion for simplification; if it doesn’t need to be complex, it shouldn’t be.

Medhanie Habte, Cloud Consultant

Location: Oregon
Medhanie comes to Cloud for Good with more than a decade of experience in social justice and community organizing during which he worked on various roles from volunteer engagement to social policy and fundraising.

Punita Virkud, Cloud Consultant

Location: Michigan
Punita comes to Cloud for Good with over 10 years in Salesforce consulting and currently holds seven Salesforce certifications.

Rob Sobalvarro, Cloud Consultant

Location: Florida
Rob has six years of experience in higher education focusing on marketing automation, business process improvement, and data analysis for undergraduate and graduate programs.

Roger Miller, Cloud Consultant

Location: Oakland, CA
Roger has 20 years experience in the nonprofit sector in fundraising, operations, program management and executive leadership positions at environmental, social justice and youth-serving organizations at organizations.

Samantha Coffin, Marketing Coordinator

Location: North Carolina
Samantha comes to Cloud for Good with five years of marketing experience and a passion for social media engagement.

Samir Mullick, Senior Cloud Consultant

Location: Georgia
Samir has a passion for finding inefficiencies in organizations and using technology to address them

Sarah Joseph, Cloud Consultant

Location: New York
Sarah comes to Cloud for Good as an accomplished Project/Program Manager with over five years of Salesforce and nonprofit experience. She is passionate about solving complex business problems.

Sarah Lambertson, Senior Cloud Consultant

Location: Maine
Sarah is a Certified Administrator with an MBA who has used Salesforce at two different nonprofits.

Sarah M. Capps, Cloud Support Specialist

Location: Colorado
Sarah was introduced to Salesforce in 2016 and fell in love with the platform. Since then, she became a certified Administrator, presented at Dreamforce twice, has started a User Group in Greenwood Village, Colorado, is a Lightning Champion, and a volunteer with the WITness Success community.

Scott Thompson, Senior Cloud Consultant

Location: Florida
Scott comes to Cloud for Good with over 18 years combined experience in the nonprofit space and has over eight years working with Salesforce.

Sean Zimmermaker, Senior Cloud Consultant

Location: Virginia
Sean has over 8 years of experience implementing the Salesforce platform across a number of industries. In addition to his Salesforce experience, his background includes training & facilitation, root-cause analysis, and business process improvement.

Skye Evans, Cloud Consultant

Location: Texas
Skye believes that nonprofits serve a vital role in our society, and they deserve access to the best technology to accomplish their mission.

Stephanie Rebain, Cloud Support Specialist

Location: South Carolina
Stephanie comes to Cloud for Good with over eight years experience with Salesforce. Stephanie is a Certified Salesforce Administrator and an active member of her local Women in Tech and User Group

Steve Wohleking, Account Executive

Location: Virginia
Steve is passionate about how Salesforce can transform an organization, enabling it to more effectively serve its constituents and better meet its mission.

Sue Kiffney, Cloud Consultant

Location: Massachusetts
Sue comes to Cloud for Good with over 10 years of experience on the Salesforce platform and 8 years of experience administering marketing automation tools.

Terimarie Degree, Operations Manager

Location: Wisconsin
Armed with a degree in English from Calvin College and no desire to become a teacher, Terimarie’s passion for helping people has led her to work in a variety of settings.

Victor Almeida, Senior Cloud Consultant

Location: Connecticut
Victor started to use Salesforce in 2002, and has spent his time over the past two years helping nonprofit and for-profit organizations maximize their Salesforce investments.

The European Team

Lianne Aurik, Consultant

Lianne brings seven years experience in marketing and fundraising within a nonprofit to Cloud for Good. She is passionate about sharing her knowledge of the platform with other nonprofits.

Ruben Schuring, CEO

Ruben brings almost five years experience in the nonprofit sector, along with over ten years in marketing and communication. He is a Salesforce enthusiast with a positive attitude.

Thomas Partridge, Cloud Consultant

Location: London
Thomas has more than 6 years experience in helping nonprofits with Salesforce, both as an admin and a consultant.