The ability to track the interests and/or preferences of constituents, whether that be in the areas of program focus, types of advocacy alert, or volunteer opportunities where their constituents express an interest is often requested by our clients.  Neither Salesforce ‘out of the box’ nor the Nonprofit Success Pack provides this functionality, which is why Cloud for Good has built standard components that our customers can use for this type of tracking.

The Interest-selection functionality has been built as a component that can be dropped into either a Contact or a Household record page, allowing users to update the record without leaving the page.

Additionally, we created a tool to allow you to bulk add or remove interests from Contacts or Households.  For example, you can tag everyone who lives in Massachusetts with an interest, you can do a quick search, select all or a subset of the records returned, and add the interest to their profile.

In combination with Salesforce reporting and segmentation tools, you can use these Interests for mailing lists, campaigns or other forms of outreach. Watch our demo of this app to see how your organization can put it to use.

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