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Why should you use Salesforce Content? Why Not?!

How much time have you wasted searching for presentations, thank you templates, or other development documents? Have you ever communicated with a student about the course schedule, only to realize later that the schedule you referenced was out-of-date?

Salesforce Content is probably one of the most over-looked FREE features offers, even though it easily solves the abovementioned issues and more.


Simple to share documents and easy to find them

Content is different because it does not use the traditional folder storage, it uses Libraries (used to be called Workspaces) and tags. It eliminates the need for hierarchical folder structures which frequently makes it difficult to find the items for which you are looking.

It is as easy to search for relevant documents, much like doing a Google search. You can filter your results by author, type, industry, tags, or other fields. It will pull up matching documents; show you how other people within your organization rated this content, and how often it was downloaded.

Stay current with the latest version

You can subscribe to topics or documents and be notified when a new version becomes available. No need to send a revised document and clog everyone’s email inboxes because Salesforce Content archives the prior versions and highlights the changes that were made. So… no more outdated documents!

Create and modify presentations



Do you want to use slides from a previous presentation or maybe slides from a colleague’s presentation? No problem! Salesforce Content allows you to not only upload your entire PowerPoint presentation but it also actually extracts the individual slides so they are available when you or your team assemble or modify a presentation. Furthermore, it can perform a full-text search of each slide and return only slides applicable to your purpose. You could also browse all slides published into your libraries.

This assembly tool allows you to create or modify the custom presentation by simply dragging and dropping individual slides. Cool right?

Send online content and track views and downloads



Wouldn’t it be nice to send a link to your new presentation instead of sending a supper heavy attachment? Additionally, it would be nice to track how often your donor opens this presentation. No need to dream, just activate your Content Delivery.

Content Delivery allows you to easily convert your presentations, proposals, contracts and other files to into an optimized web-based version for easy online viewing. Once you create your delivery, you can send its encrypted URL to any recipient, such as donors, volunteers, students, faculty, partners, and colleagues, and then track how often the content is viewed or downloaded. In addition to tracking, content deliveries provide several benefits over sending files as attachments, such as giving you control over how long the delivery is available to viewers and whether a viewer can download a file or see it online only.

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