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What Can Salesforce Do For Nonprofits?

Salesforce brings over 150K companies and their customers together through the power of connective technology.  There have been great blogs and videos released explaining how the expansive platform works to help break down departmental silos, improve data clarity, provide a single source of truth, and innovate marketing strategies.  

Cloud for Good provides Salesforce implementation services for nonprofit organizations and higher education institutions, utilizing technology to transform your unique mission.  In this blog, I’m going back to the basics to illustrate what exactly Salesforce’s many clouds can do for customers in the nonprofit space. 

To understand the depth and breadth of Salesforce’s offerings for nonprofits, we must first understand the Salesforce Customer 360 approach.  This methodology is built on the idea that your organization should have clarity and visibility throughout every step of your constituent’s journey.  Simply put, the constituent is the center of all Salesforce technology implementations across several clouds. 

Salesforce Capabilities

We hear a lot about how Salesforce’s Clouds can help businesses sell, market, and service, but what do they mean for nonprofit organizations?  


Sales Cloud + Nonprofit Success Pack – Raise More Funds

Sales Cloud is the top growth platform for digital sales available today.  Its ability to automate operations helps businesses manage leads, curate pipelines, and achieve sales success.  For nonprofit organizations, and its community of nonprofit users have worked together to take the concepts of opportunity management and customer cultivation to the nonprofit space with the Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP).  This open-source packaged solution sits on top of Sales Cloud.   

NPSP, together with Sales Cloud, enables organizations with prebuilt solutions based on typical nonprofit use cases.  Out-of-the-box capabilities for managing campaigns and appeals, engagement plans, householding, and gift processing are designed to break down silos and empower your organization’s mission.  These technologies connect back to Salesforce’s Customer 360 approach, lending nonprofits a cohesive view of their constituents that enable staff and volunteers.   

CDC Foundation COVID-19

The CDC Foundation has streamlined business processes and increased fundraising effectiveness through Salesforce technology.

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With NPSP and Sales Cloud, the CDC Foundation was able to configure business processes, capture the full range of their fundraising efforts, and inform their critical response to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“Partnering with Cloud for Good has greatly benefited the CDC Foundation’s ability to raise funds and tackle the coronavirus outbreak.  Through the Salesforce implementation provided by Cloud for Good, we are now able to allocate emergency funds with a level of efficiency and expediency simply not possible before this project.” – Monique S. Patrick, Chief Operating Officer   

Service Cloud – Provide Better Services and Programs

The Salesforce Service Cloud helps connect your organization’s customer services across communication channels.  These interactions, whether initiated through phone, email, or AI-powered chatbots are all tracked and consolidated to the benefit of your programs. You’ll know if the constituent on the other line is a first-time or a recurring donor, or if they could benefit from a knowledge article to help them resolve a case.  Understanding every constituent engagement with your organization provides time savings for your customer service team and a heightened experience for your constituents.  

AKC Salesforce Success Story

Salesforce has enabled American Kennel Club to serve its dog-loving constituency through technology like never before.

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Using Service Cloud, the American Kennel Club has been able to scale their call center, allowing their team to focus more on delivering the best programs and services possible.  Used in tandem with Experience Cloud, the AKC was able to provide their constituents with a self-service way to check the status of their dog DNA kits, thus lowering the number of calls they received for status updates and increasing customer satisfaction.  

“We have all these interactions with people, but where we needed to improve upon was how we interacted with our people, how we understood the needs of our customers…” – Seth Fera-Schanes, Director of Strategic Planning 

Marketing Cloud – Create Quality Content + Engagement

It has never been more important to reach your constituents where they are, and there’s never been a more versatile product to facilitate that need than Marketing Cloud.  Salesforce has packed Marketing Cloud with an expansive suite of tools designed to spread your message effectively and efficiently.  You can automate your marketing processes across email, mobile, and social, and continually inform your advertising through the cloud’s in-depth analytics.  Connecting these various marketing channels provides organizations with an omnichannel approach to constituent engagement, enhancing your donor experience, client satisfaction, or awareness, and even boosting your recruiting efforts.  

Cloud for Good’s Salesforce solutions enabled California State Parks Foundation to progress the faithful protection of their state parks.

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Salesforce Marketing Cloud granted California State Parks Foundation enhanced digital marketing strategies and a more efficient marketing process unattainable with their prior platform.  This integration resulted in the organization’s email deliverability rates skyrocketing and drastically lower their spam score, paving the way towards higher open rates, click rates, and a broadened awareness of their mission. 

Pardot – Drive Results Through Marketing Campaigns

Pardot is yet another marketing automation solution from Salesforce that helps empower marketing and sales teams.  Pardot has traditionally been considered a B2B solution due to its ability to increase lead generation and provide lead scoring.  Nonprofit organizations are loving Pardot for its deep integration with Salesforce Sales Cloud (as well as NPSP) and the user-friendliness of the tool.  Lead scoring translates well to donor scoring and helps our clients rank prospects based on their inclination to give or become sustainers. 

Advancements made possible through Salesforce are making a true difference for The Center and the LGBTQ communities they serve.

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Shortly after the COVID-19 pandemic hit, demand for The Center’s services increased by nearly 40%.  The vast system of interactions and intelligently automated communication made possible through Pardot greatly assisted The Center in accommodating the communities they serve during their time of heightened need. 

“These tools provide us with the flexibility to accurately reflect our community and the identities that are really important to them.  We’re now able to innovate and adapt without the constraints of a system that wouldn’t move with us.” – Jeffrey Klein, Chief Operating Officer 

Commerce Cloud – Bring Your Brand and Consumers Together

Commerce Cloud is the world’s leading solution for both B2C and B2B commerce.  Through a cloud-based, multi-tenant commerce platform, nonprofit organizations are empowered to create intuitive, intelligent transaction experiences that unify customers and constituents across mobile, social, web, and store channels.  While most for-profit businesses use Commerce Cloud to connect with shoppers anytime and anywhere, merchandising is not the only use case we have seen.  

Our clients are using Commerce Cloud to sell programs and courses (i.e., check out this new Course Finder we built for MIT using B2C Commerce), managing complex fundraising use cases (i.e. Arizona State Foundation’s fundraising commerce use case), membership management, and child sponsorship.  There has never been a better time to make every interaction count and there has never been a better tool to optimize your conversion funnel. 


Salesforce CPQ – Configure, Price, Quote Software

Salesforce CPQ is a sales tool for companies to provide accurate pricing with any given product configuration scenario.  CPQ applications take into account optional features, customizations, quantities, and discounts, allowing sales reps to quote prices quickly and accurately.  This sales use case translates to some nonprofit organizations with sales teams.  A great example is our client SAE International, which sells several different products and services across industries to connect and educate mobility professionals to enable safe, clean, and accessible mobility solutions. 

Through the implementation of Salesforce Cloud for Good created a streamlined, efficient, and integrated approach to generate more than 6,000 annual quotes and orders.
No matter your mission, the Salesforce ecosystem can help you transform your business processes and make a greater impact on your unique mission.  For an even more in-depth analysis of what Salesforce can help nonprofits achieve, check out our free 2020  21 State of Salesforce Report, where we surveyed nonprofit organizations across North America on how they’re using Salesforce, their results, and the insights gained from their experiences.
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