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What Can Apsona Do for Nonprofits?

Apsona for Salesforce is a suite of innovative, configurable applications available for Salesforce customers via the AppExchange.  With a robust feature set, Apsona provides a wealth of productivity features for nonprofit organizations ranging from cross object filtering and multi-step reporting to extensive data management and mail merge tools.  Cloud for Good has been a vocal proponent of Apsona’s user-friendly interface and intuitive capabilities for years, and we’ve seen firsthand how Apsona has helped some of our nonprofit clients create more transformational value with their technology and wanted to share some of the ways their products have helped our customers.


Family House was using a mail merge application for one primary reason: to create a mail merge document to acknowledge donations they receive.  Creating acknowledgment letters in this tool was a bit complicated and tedious for the organization’s staff, resulting in generic letters that were being used for long periods.  Additionally, the application cost the organization over $1,100/year, which wasn’t cost-effective relative to how little the application was being used.

Family House was already using Apsona for Salesforce for other functions, so I suggested we redevelop their current acknowledgment letters in Apsona.  This development allowed them to utilize further and justify Apsona while alleviating the need for a separate tool altogether.  Along with the obvious cost savings, the administration of the acknowledgments became much more accessible for Family House staff to handle in Apsona.  This gave them greater freedom to change their letter content throughout the year in response to special events and other business needs.  The client was ultimately very satisfied with the usability, sustainability, and cost savings of their new, Apsona-based solution!


LGBT Community Center had been utilizing Booker25, a wonderful booking application we use for multiple customers, to implement date and time fields in their data exports according to the 24-hour clock.  However, Cloud for Good typically utilized Apsona to create merge documents for Reservations Setup teams according to a 12-hour AM/PM clock.  Issues had arisen within the Reservations Setup team as a result of aesthetic and operational differences between the conflicting clock types.

In search of a timely solution, Cloud for Good reached out to the Apsona team.  Without a second thought, Apsona jumped right in and implemented code that allowed us to customize the appearance of the date/time fields within the merge doc template.  Once the code was implemented, we were able to update each of the templates, add the proper formatting, and, voila, the finished product operated according to a 12-hour AM/PM clock.  We were able to extend the functionality of the other third-party app through the expertise and flexibility Apsona provided!


Salesforce had recently released new functionality for GAU Allocations on Payments.  This seemed like it could be a major win for our client, Riley Children’s Foundation, as it allowed the organization to be as granular as they needed to be for the General Accounting Units.  I worked directly with Apsona in order to upgrade code so that clients, like the Foundation, could benefit from the new technology.  Next, I reached out to internal stakeholders at the Foundation to find out if GAU Allocations on Payments were on their roadmap.  At that time, it was not, but after a quick discussion to review these recent Salesforce changes, the Apsona team was willing to pivot quickly for the success of the RCF team.  We spent about six weeks with Apsona building and testing to complete the project.  During this time, Apsona had other clients reach out to them as well for the same issue.  At the conclusion of the project, Riley Children’s Foundation had a better product, and Cloud for Good had happy clients.  This is a true partnership made possible through technology!


Apsona for Salesforce is a vital tool for any nonprofit organization and is particularly valuable for those operating within the Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP).  Even better, Apsona for Salesforce automatically detects and configures itself according to an organization’s NPSP, adding an enhanced level of support for all objects in NPSP, such as donations, households, contacts, organizations, affiliations, and more.  Apsona also offers unrivaled ease of data uploading, automatically importing and configuring custom objects into Salesforce.

To learn more about how Apsona for Salesforce can help you get the most out of your nonprofit organization’s technology, reach out to Cloud for Good today.