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Understanding the New Vision + Vocabulary of Marketing Cloud

Understanding Salesforce's new vision and vocabulary of Marketing Cloud

Salesforce recently shared its vision for the next generation of Marketing Cloud, one that would help service teams and marketers create more personalized experiences that drive lifelong customer relationships.  The overarching goal of this next phase is to humanize the customer experience with new AI-powered conversational intelligence, mobile offline access, and innovations to the Customer Data Platform.   

With these advancements in capabilities comes a need for new vocabulary to adequately encapsulate those capabilities.  As a result, many commonly used Salesforce products have been rebranded with name changes.  Whether speaking to clients, coworkers, or Salesforce support agents, those within the ecosystem should familiarize themselves with these name changes, listed below: 

The Next Generation of Marketing Cloud

Marketing Cloud Email, Messaging, and Journeys is now Marketing Cloud Engagement 

Pardot is now Marketing Cloud Account Engagement 

CDP is now Marketing Cloud Customer Data Platform 

Interaction Studio is now Marketing Cloud Personalization 

Advertising Studio is now Marketing Cloud Advertising 

Datorama is now Marketing Cloud Intelligence 

Why the change?

Salesforce believes uniting these products and terms under the Marketing Cloud umbrella will make for an easier-to-understand, more organic collection of tools that help customers identify the solutions they need and help marketers differentiate each solution for their customers. 

“The Marketing Cloud portfolio is now more aligned with the language markets already use, so the capabilities and value are easier to understand,” said Salesforce EVP & GM Digital Experiences Lidiane Jones in the official announcement of the product name changes.  “For example, many marketers are looking for the capability and value of real-time Personalization, not an “Interaction Studio” solution. 

United under the Marketing Cloud moniker, this suite of products is now more easily associated with one another.  This is a family of products offering unique, yet connected, solutions to Salesforce users throughout the ecosystem.  There is now a better infrastructure in place to align marketing needs for implementation partners, like Cloud for Good, and both potential and existing customers. 

“As you consider how to make the wow moments that build customer trust and loyalty,” reiterated Jones, “we know you’re focusing less on one channel or technology and more on the full experience.  Our job is to deliver the how behind the wow.” 

Par-dot or Par-dough?

Now that the Pardot name is officially being retired, we shall miss thee.  Although the change from Pardot to Marketing Cloud Account Engagement itself may not fully represent the robust capabilities of what “the artist formerly known as Pardot” can accomplish, it is exciting to think about what Salesforce might have in store for this former ExactTarget acquisition in the coming years.

Embracing Evolution

Simplifying the language and putting the actionable solution or result in the product’s actual name can empower customers and better inform their decision-making.  If a client is looking to boost engagement, personalization, or business intelligence, the product names are now clearly defined to help connect customer needs with available solutions.

Change can be difficult, and change can be slow to accept, but ultimately this change will be a net positive for all within the ecosystem.  Salesforce has made a concerted effort to align customer needs, meet the customer where they’re at, and make it easier for them to address business challenges.  Cloud for Good will be there every step of the way to ensure our cherished clients are educated and engaged in all the next generation of Marketing Cloud provides. 

For more information on product name changes and what it means for you, don’t hesitate to contact us today. 

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