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Salesforce Summer ’22 Release: What You Need to Know

New updates and features from the Salesforce Summer '22 Release

The Salesforce Summer ’22 Release is here! This release is packed full of intuitive new features, updates, and functionalities that are sure to make your user experience easier and enhance your Salesforce instance. We’ve read through all of the release documentation to give you the highlights. Read on to learn more!  

New Product Names 

Salesforce announced a legal name change from to Salesforce, Inc. in March. Salesforce has also renamed a handful of its products. 

  • Tableau CRM is now CRM Analytics 
  • High Velocity Sales (HVS) is now Sales Engagement 
  • myTrailhead is now part of a new solution called Sales Enablement 
  • Marketing Cloud has also renamed several of its modules: 
    • Interaction Studio is now Marketing Cloud Personalization 
    • Datorama is now Marketing Cloud Intelligence 
    • Messaging/Journeys is now Marketing Cloud Engagement 
    • Salesforce CDP is now Marketing Cloud Customer Data Platform 
    • Pardot is now Marketing Cloud Account Engagement 
    • Advertising Studio is now Marketing Cloud Advertising 

Login Enhancements for Microsoft 

Your users can now access your Salesforce org or Experience Cloud site with their Microsoft credentials. This will make logging in a breeze for your employees and customers. 

Picklist Updates 

Bulk Manage Picklist Values

Configuring picklists just got easier! With this addition, you now have the ability to delete, activate, deactivate, or replace multiple custom picklist field values all at once rather than going through them one by one. Make sure to opt into Advanced Picklist Values Management (beta) from the Picklist Settings page in Setup to use this feature. 

Salesforce Summer '22 Release - Bulk Manage Picklist Values Screenshot

Inactive and Duplicate Picklist Values Cleanup

You can now bulk delete inactive picklist values in custom picklist fields. You can also see which picklist values are duplicates with the duplicate value error message. 

Salesforce Summer '22 Release - Bulk Delete Inactive Picklist Values

Customize and Filter Related Lists in the Lightning App Builder 

Salesforce has brought us a brand-new component for Lightning pages. With Dynamic Related Lists, you can now create custom related lists that can be filtered to display only when particular criteria are met. You can also give your Dynamic Related List a useful label, so your users understand what filters have been applied. 

Salesforce Summer '22 Release - Dynamic Related Lists

Reports and Dashboards 

Summary Functions Now Include Median

Reporting on the statistics that are important to your organization just got easier. When summarizing fields, you can now select the median function. 

Salesforce Summer '22 Release - Summarize Median Function

Create Reports Based on Selected Salesforce Objects

Instead of scrolling through report types you don’t need, you can now filter the report types list in the Create Report window to show only the report types based on the Salesforce objects you select.  

Salesforce Summer '22 Release - Creating Reports Based on Selected Salesforce Objects

Flow Updates 

With Workflow Rules and Process Builder going through a phased retirement, there are a number of new updates to Flow Builder. Review the Flow and Process Release Updates for the complete list of new features. 

Screen Flows

Visual tools are a game-changer when it comes to creating a smooth user experience. You can now add section headers to give collapsible sections their own header. 

Salesforce Summer '22 Release - Screen Flows

Screen Flows now support more fields, such as Name and Address fields. What’s even more exciting is that Autocomplete is available for Address record fields, so creating those screen flows will be a breeze. 

Salesforce Summer '22 Release - ScreenFlow Name and Address Fields

Formula Entry Conditions for Record-Triggered Flow 

Salesforce is introducing the ability to trigger a flow based on a formula. If a formula evaluates to true, the flow will run. If not, it won’t be triggered. This new feature will help minimize unnecessary flow executions. 

Salesforce Summer '22 Release - Formula Entry Conditions for Record-Triggered Flow

Please note that with any new enhancement, it’s best practice to test the new features in a sandbox environment first. Each Salesforce release is made possible by ideas submitted by users through the Salesforce Idea Exchange. You and your organization can make a difference by engaging in the Idea Exchange!  

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