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Top 7 Reasons to Attend Salesforce Connections

Top 7 Reasons to Attend Salesforce Connections

On June 17th-19th there will be an influx of Digitial Marketing, Commerce and Service professionals attending Salesforce Connections in Chicago. Come join in the fun and hear from inspiring speakers, network with fellow trailblazer and learning from many experts. Whether you are hoping to transform your organization or build your career, this is an event you don’t want to miss. Here are my top 7 reasons why you should attend.

1. Learn About New Salesforce Product Features 

As a technical product expert, my favorite part of Connections is learning even more about the products! What bug has been fixed? What new feature is around the corner? What new feature is even further around the corner? These are all questions that are typically answered at Connections! Not too often do we get direct exposure to the Product Managers and Solutions Engineers at Salesforce, so what a great opportunity to provide feedback, garner their insight and absorb the information they dish out during product demos. 

You will definitely learn about Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Pardot, but you will also learn how these products integrate with the other Salesforce Clouds. 

2. Networking 

As the title of the event goes…Salesforce Connections is not just about connecting with your customers and prospects, but also about making new personal Connections. There are so many new people to meet at the event. Some might be facing a similar challenge as you. Others might be from the same city (and you didn’t even know it)!  And some people are partners (like me) or product experts looking to help find solutions for some of your challenges. I’m going to throw this out there, the connections you make will most certainly result in some type of positive impact in your life.  

3. Free stuff

Remember when I mentioned that there would be partners at the event? Well, many of these partners have a solution to one of your problems. And what better way to get you started in the conversation than by giving you a free t-shirt, cool office tool or logo-branded knick-knack?  

4. A Connections Party 

You heard that right – there’s a party at Connections and it is typically way cooler than the title “Connections Party” lets on. It’s a concert with a well-known artist that you get to enjoy with 1,000s of other raucous marketers. “Well, I bet they just bring in some no-name performer”, you might say. And you would be incorrect with that assumption. Past Connections performers include The Fray, Train, Katie Perry, The Killers, Will.i.Am, Stevie Wonder and Imagine Dragons.  

5. It’s in Chicago

There’s so much to see and do in the Windy City! Sure, you’ll be busy with the event so your leisure time will be limited. Maybe you can go out for a nice meal or do some quick shopping on the Magnificent Mile. You could take a morning jog aside Lake Michigan (join me on Tuesday morning). Perhaps catch a night Cubs game vs the White Sox on June 18th (note: doing this would cause you to miss the Connections Party, so choose wisely). Chicago is a great city (as long as you don’t have to commute in every day, ammiright)? 

6. Steps – Get your steps 

Connections has plenty happening, so you’ll be able to keep up with your step count goals as you navigate from the Expo to the Keynote, to lunch, back to the Expo, to the hotel, to a session, and repeat. You won’t just be sitting all day long, so be ready to move around. 

7. Cloud for Good will be ready to chat 

Yes, this is not too good to be true…Goodies Brett Strbjak, Amy Morin and I will all be in attendance and look forward to meeting up with you! 

Now, are you ready to join us at Salesforce Connections? Register here.

Would you like to get coffee with our Director of Digital Services, Chad Martin during Connections? Or perhaps you’d like to join us for a Marketing Automation Lunch & Learn. Reach out today to request a meeting.