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Easterseals Michigan: Creating Exceptional Constituent Experiences with Salesforce Service Cloud

Constituent Experience on Salesforce

Creating Exceptional Constituent Experiences with Salesforce Service Cloud

The Client

Easterseals Michigan works to change the way the world defines and views disability by making profound, positive differences in people’s lives every day. They provide a wide variety of interventions that help individuals of all ages and abilities, including those diagnosed with behavioral health, substance use, and Autism Spectrum disorders.


Inefficient Data Collection

Easterseals Michigan came to Cloud for Good to implement Service Cloud to improve their call center experience. Previously, when a call came in, their team would complete a form from their Electronic Health Record system, regardless of who was calling. If that caller needed one of the services Easterseals Michigan offered, they would collect even more data and assist them in acquiring the services needed. However, not every caller needed or should be entered into their HIPPA-compliant Electronic Health Record system. Occasionally Easterseals Michigan would be contacted by individuals needing services not offered by the organization but could be referred to another local organization that did supply the requested service. Easterseals Michigan needed a way to adequately collect and distribute the information that came from their call center on individuals who were not directly in need of their services.

Limited Reporting Capabilities

In addition to separating callers without medical records from those with, Easterseals Michigan needed a more intuitive system that could better capture information on callers, visitors and emails. They knew more comprehensive data would lead to stronger metrics, better assessment of community needs, and allow their staff to accurately follow the lifecycle of a constituent, resulting in an overall holistic view of everyone that touches the organization, even if they didn’t receive services.

Missing Quick Access to Engagement History

When someone called Easterseals, their previous call history was not intuitively stored or easily accessible. Often, staff would use valuable time educating themselves on the constituent’s engagement history by collecting information, primarily from the constituent themselves and other staff members. This missed opportunity impacted the speed of service delivery as well as interpersonal connections. As a customer-centric organization, this breakdown needed to become a top priority.

Ultimately, this implementation would enable Easterseals to become increasingly more efficient and do more of what matters most, concentrate on their mission.

The Solution

An Integrated Call Center Solution with Service Cloud

With the implementation of Service Cloud, the Cloud for Good team was able to build additional features that elevated Easterseals Michigan’s call center functionality.

“Implementing Service Cloud has allowed our organization to take our services and community outreach to the next level. Not only have we dramatically increased our efficiencies and created a single source of truth, but we also now serve everyone who reaches Easterseals Michigan for information or services in the proper way, capturing data strategically while cultivating trust and lasting relationships,” said Clarissa Hulleza, Senior VP of IT/CIO and HIPPA Security Officer

Service Cloud was able to be integrated with SwitchVox, Easterseals Michigan’s current phone system. Now when someone calls, a pop up appears to the staff that displays the caller’s record, if one exists. If the caller is new, they are prompted to create a record for them. Using Service Cloud enables Easterseals Michigan to have specific data stored for different types of constituents, such as capturing and securely storing credit card information for repeat donors.

In addition to the call center integrations, now when someone emails the organization or completes a form on their website, via web-to-case and email-to-case set up by Cloud for Good, the new information is automatically created into a new record in Salesforce.

Productivity Boost with Case Queue

Service Cloud offers Easterseals Michigan more than just record keeping, it also improves call center functionality. All calls and email that come in via the center are now placed in a bucket, where staff can assign themselves to a new case as their schedule allows. With the help of case rules, if there is a Spanish speaking caller, the caller is automatically assigned to a Spanish speaking staff member. Other rules are in place as well, to ensure a case does not sit open without attention

Salesforce as a Knowledge Base

Before implementing Salesforce, special knowledge (such as accessible summer camps) was kept around the office on notes and all program information was not common knowledge to all staff. Now, not only do knowledge articles exist for common topics, but they are also available to the staff via Service Cloud when they are on the phone with a client. They can not only search for specific articles, but Service Cloud will also recommend what may be beneficial to that client based on their profile. The team can either relay this information via phone or send a follow-up email to the client.

In addition to providing clients with more comprehensive information, the knowledge article tool also helps Easterseals Michigan with their onboarding process of new staff.

The Results

Building Trusting Relationships with Individuals and Families Served

Now with a case queue and knowledge articles, Easterseals Michigan can quickly respond to the needs of the people they serve while giving them the most comprehensive support possible.

In addition to increased response time, Easterseals Michigan now has a full picture view of each individual when they contact the organization. Once a call is received and their profile is pulled up, the staff can quickly get up to speed.  Knowing the history of an individual right when they call and not having to search or ask another staff member, allows them to be more efficient and build trusting relationships.

Easterseals Michigan does not plan to stop with Service Cloud, but it is working to expand their Salesforce instance across their organization with the help of the Cloud for Good team.

“Cloud for Good has proven to be a committed partner by helping Easterseals Michigan secure its mission of serving the needs of our community and improving the lives of those we serve,” shared Hulleza.

More Holistic Organizational View

Now with all donors and callers in one source of truth, Easterseals Michigan has not only increased visibility into their data but can easily report on the number of services and types of services they provide as well as all general inquiries they receive, including needs of the community that currently unmet or underserved. This enhanced visibility allows them to indicate if, when and to whom an individual was referred to, including specific referral organization breakdowns. The ability to report on all their data not only gives them the tools to strategize and grow but also enables Easterseals Michigan to expand their relationships with referral organizations.

Hulleza shared that, “being able to share referral information with our partner organizations not only improves our relationship but also shows our dedication to collaborating with a shared mission of providing those we serve with all the services they need.”