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Raiser’s Edge to Salesforce: 10 Reasons to Make the Switch

The ongoing development of the Salesforce Foundation’s tools for nonprofits has encouraged more and more nonprofits to consider a switch from their legacy system to Salesforce. You might be one of them! If you are currently using Raiser’s Edge (RE), we’ve put together a list of the top ten reasons to make the switch to Salesforce.

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Adding it Up: Understanding Roll-Up Summary Fields

Roll-up summaries are a powerful tool within Salesforce to help you analyze your data without running a summary report. They can give you data specific to the contact or household you are viewing, providing a snapshot of related donations so you can get a sense of the donor’s engagement with your organization at a glance. Standard roll-up summary fields summarize all or some related records into a calculated field on a master object. The field can display a count, sum, maximum, or minimum value from the related records, operating on numeric, currency, or date fields. You can create roll-up summaries of Opportunities on Account records, or on any master object summarizing a field from its detail records.

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Navigating NGO Connect Batch Upload

Though we’d all love for all vendors to have seamless integrations with Salesforce, the truth is some of the vendors nonprofits works with do not. When this is the case you’re faced with inserting data created by your vendors into your Salesforce environment. Examples of these types of files could be checks deposited to your organization’s bank account, lists of donors that were gathered at an event or in the field where there was no internet connection or a list of names and emails received from a sponsored event.

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Implementation Best Practices: Data

Nothing sinks a new implementation faster than bad data. Users will quickly lose faith in the tool as well as those leading the implementation effort if incomplete, incorrect, or irrelevant data is present.
Read more about data best practices.

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Talk To Your Data

Every day there should be a conversation that happens between you and the data inside of your Salesforce instance. Starting that conversation is not always easy but in the end you and your data will be thrilled that you did.

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My Favorite Things: Apsona for Salesforce

Apsona for Salesforce is one of my favorite things for many reasons, but most of all because when I’ve reached the limit of what I can do in Salesforce without code, I know that Apsona will be able to move that limit for me much farther than I had imagined and allow me to accomplish my tasks without needing code.

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Where Is My Salesforce Data?!

One of the most common complaints on the various forums that serve the nonprofit community is that data has somehow either mysteriously disappeared, or that it just never showed up. You know it’s THERE. You imported it yourself. You may have even created the field and then populated it. But why isn’t it showing up? Find out in this blog post.

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Apps for Good Webinar: Apsona for Salesforce

Apsona creates user-friendly, browser-based web applications for CRM and e-commerce. Its offerings include Apsona for Salesforce, a add-on for improved data manipulation, cross object filtering and reporting, and multi-step reporting, a powerful multi-object reporting tool.

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