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Top 11 Salesforce Blog Posts You Should Read Again

The #BestTeamEver has been busy this year writing blog posts to share information with nonprofits and within the Salesforce ecosystem. Today, we want to share our top 11 Salesforce blog posts from the first part of the year that you should read again.

11. Do You Know How to ERD?

An Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) is a chart that visually represents the relationships between database tables. In the case of Salesforce, this means the relationships between Objects such as Contacts, Accounts, Custom Objects, etc. Cloud Consultant, Benjamin Washam explains how an ERD diagram is similar to blueprint of your house.

10. Salesforce Analytics 101: Organizing Reports and Dashboards

Salesforce Analytics (reports and dashboards) are awesome tools to help you view and work with your data, as well as present your data to your supporters. There is so much you can do with Salesforce Analytics right out of the gate! With that power, though, sometimes comes clutter. Cloud Consultant, Holly Filkins shares tips to organize your reports and dashboards.

9. Introducing the Salesforce Higher Education Data Architecture (HEDA)

Earlier this year, released a new tool for colleges and universities, the Higher Education Data Architecture (HEDA) package. HEDA aims to offer a core architecture package for managing common relationship data across the student lifecycle, including institutional and departmental affiliations, interpersonal relationships, and course enrollments. Solutions Architect, Kestryl Lowrey provides an overview of the features of HEDA.

8. Salesforce Trailhead Guides You to Success

Who doesn’t love Trailhead? Earlier this year Salesforce.Org released the first trail for nonprofits. It provides a “big picture” overview of the Nonprofit Starter Pack and also provides details on how to create Contact, Account and Opportunity records. Director of Professional Services, Paige Van Riper gives a great overview of this awesome interactive learning tool.

7. Stages of CRM Adoption 

Implementing and maintaining a constituent relationship management (CRM) platform successfully is no easy task. There’s a lot of work which goes into the initial setup and there’s just as much (or more) involved in sustaining and expanding the use of the new system. Senior Cloud Consultant, Sam Knox offers insights into the stages of CRM adoption.

6. Connecting the Clouds with Marketing Cloud Connect 

More and more nonprofits are using Marketing Cloud to manage their communications. Marketing Cloud provides powerful tools for engaging constituents through email, social media, mobile, and web, and continues to add new functionality all the time. Senior Cloud Consultant, Laura Maker explains how Marketing Cloud Connect allows organizations to seamlessly connect their constituent data from Salesforce CRM with the communication, automation, and analytics tools in Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

5. Pardot is Perfect for Nonprofits  

While Pardot it is a great tool for business-to-business marketers (B2B), at first glance, it may not seem to be the best solution for those in the nonprofit sector – BUT IT IS! Cloud Consultant, Steven Lowery debunks the myth of Pardot simply being best for B2B companies and shares how Pardot is perfect for your nonprofit!

4. Choosing an Email Marketing Whitepaper 

Are you evaluating email marketing providers who integrate with Salesforce? Check out the whitepaper that we released early this year to gain further insights into several applications that can streamline your marketing efforts.

3. Before You Build the House: Preparing to Implement Salesforce 

Cloud Consultant, Holly Filkins suggests you develop a plan that aligns with your budget, identifies the right materials, the necessary tools, the right people, and even a contingency plan or two. Once all of that is in place, you can then start building your Salesforce instance.

2. A Nonprofit Guide to the Salesforce AppExchange 

Earlier this year the AppExchange turned 10! To commemorate the occasion, our Founder and CEO, Tal Frankfurt, put together the Nonprofit Guide to the Salesforce AppExchane. This resource provides great information about apps that are useful for nonprofits.

1. MS Excel Tools for Salesforce 

As a Salesforce Admin, you are responsible for creating Salesforce data, maintaining that data and even extracting it so it can be analyzed and used by others. Over the years, a number of Excel based tools have been created to help Admins (and others) perform these tasks. Senior Configuration Specialist, Aiden Martin reviews the apps that he has used.