Cloud for Good



CRM is Exactly What Your Nonprofit Needs

If you find that Excel cannot support your mission anymore, Salesforce can probably meet your organization’s needs. It can easily scale up or down depending on your needs and business processes. We work with variety type so of nonprofit organizations from very small (all volunteer based) to multi-million dollar international organization (such as Connell University and United Way).

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Apps for Good: Cloud2You

Cloud2You makes it easy for users to upload via Salesforce, their own creative print materials and supports many standard business physical print formats such as Letters, Greeting Cards, Postcards and Brochures.

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Apps for Good: Click and Pledge

Nonprofits are transitioning in droves from expensive, closed, legacy-based donor management software to the free, open, feature-rich cloud platform available from Salesforce. They have discovered its easy integration, its far-reaching applications and its performance features that benefit the entire organization. No more silos of data; everyone works from the same database.

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How can your nonprofit tap into the social revolution?

The social web is changing the way we live and work. Social networks are making dramatic changes to not only how people communicate and engage with each other, but also with companies, foundations, and other organizations. Facebook and Google+ are slowly replacing the corporate website. Twitter, SMS, and blogs are supplanting email as the go-to marketing channels. The Social Enterprise is a new way to elevate communication both with your constituents (donors, volunteers, students, clients and partners) and within your organization.

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Are The Clouds For Good?

Anyone interested in ‘cloud computing’ quickly comes to realize that their data is not really stored in the cloud. In fact, cloud computing carries several definitions so no wonder it can be confusing. Cloud for Good deals with several organizations involved in sustainability on some level. They could be working towards economic sustainability, environmental, access to education or services, or many other areas of need.

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