May 26, 2015

Adding it Up: Understanding Roll-Up Summary Fields

Roll-up summaries are a powerful tool within Salesforce to help you analyze your data without running a summary report. They can give you data specific to the contact or household you are viewing, providing a snapshot of related donations so you can get a sense of the donor’s engagement with your organization at a glance. Standard roll-up summary fields summarize all or some related records into a calculated field on a master object. The field can display a count, sum, maximum, or minimum value from the related records, operating on numeric, currency, or date fields. You can create roll-up summaries of Opportunities on Account records, or on any master object summarizing a field from its detail records.

May 19, 2015

Tracking In-Kind Gifts in Salesforce

Let’s say you’re already tracking donations in Salesforce, and everything is going smoothly. But now a donor wants to make an in-kind gift to your organization. You’re excited about the gift, but not sure how to record it in Salesforce. How should you track the gift so you can honor the donor’s generosity, acknowledge them appropriately in your annual report, and send them an accurate tax receipt? You’ve got some options, of course!

April 21, 2015

Data Management Tips for the Lone Wolf Admin

As a solo administrator, you’re a lone wolf, but it’s a big, dangerous world out there. The time to get smarter about managing your organization’s data has arrived. Here are a few tips to get you started.

April 14, 2015

Appearances Do Matter…in Your Salesforce Org! A Tale of Configuration

As your organization grows and evolves, so too do the influences on your Salesforce organization such as change of staff for administration, change of leadership within the organization, change of business processes, change of customers and/or partners and changes in technology. Each of these influences can impact the growth and evolution of your Salesforce organization in very subtle and gradual ways, but more often than not, the impact is in very rapid and hastened ways that can harm your Salesforce story.

April 9, 2015

Best Practices: Salesforce Fields

Salesforce fields are so important to a successful implementation, yet you may completely forget to really think critically about these “building blocks” of your CRM. A good analogy is this awesome lego model of the University of Colorado (your entire Salesforce instance) and an individual lego piece (one field). Miss a few fields? The history building may fall to pieces if you’re not careful. Fields organize and display your data and prompt your users to input the right data in the right spot.

April 7, 2015

Implementation Best Practices: Data

Nothing sinks a new implementation faster than bad data. Users will quickly lose faith in the tool as well as those leading the implementation effort if incomplete, incorrect, or irrelevant data is present.
Read more about data best practices.

February 6, 2015

Top 5 Chrome Extensions for Salesforce Administrators

If you’re a Salesforce admin or power user, listen up! There are some great community-developed Chrome extensions meant specifically to enhance the Salesforce user experience. Have you ever been annoyed by a particular aspect of the Salesforce user interface or wished that Salesforce would automate an admin task that you perform regularly? The answer may already exist using a Chrome extension.