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Salesforce Spring ’20 Release Highlights

Spring '20 Salesforce Release

The Spring ’20 Release is here! With the new release comes many exciting new enhancements that will interest higher education and nonprofit organizations. Below are the highlights that will affect everyone from system administrators to major gift officers.

Clone Opportunities and Campaigns Along with Their Related Records

The new Clone with Related action simplifies repeating opportunity and campaign creation processes. On an opportunity record, you can click the “Clone with Related” button, which duplicates the opportunity and all of the original related records. This is extremely useful for donations with soft credits, as you are no longer required to recreate the opportunity contact roles.

For campaigns, this new feature clones all of the campaign member statuses on the original campaign record. This is very helpful for organizations that have reoccurring fundraising or event campaigns, as the custom campaign member statuses do not have to be recreated every time, thus minimizing the setup for each new campaign.

Create Custom Buttons and Links for New Records with Default Field Values

With the latest release, users can create custom buttons and links prepopulated with default field values for new records. Within the release notes, Salesforce has provided a sample formula to reference. This feature is especially useful for Gift Officers and Recruiters who are on the road, meeting with individuals and utilizing Salesforce Mobile. System Administrators have the ability to create buttons with prefilled values for records that are created frequently—such as Tasks and Opportunities—to make the workflow easier for individuals on the go.

Updates to the Mobile App

Speaking of users on the go, there is a major new upgrade to the Salesforce mobile app. Although this upgrade was first made available in the Winter ’20 release, all users with the Salesforce mobile app are now automatically updated to the newest version with improved navigation and other Lightning features. With the release, a secondary field can be configured on the search layout so that if you’re searching for an account that might have a duplicate name, there is now a secondary field that can give you further context for the record.

For organizations, especially higher education institutions, with specific security requirements, the new upgrade includes enhanced mobile security updates, such as disabling microphone and camera so that Salesforce data remains secure.

Einstein Opportunity Scoring

Included in the Spring ’20 release is Einstein Opportunity Scoring. This means Artificial Intelligence to back your Development Team at no extra cost! Opportunity Scoring assigns opportunity records a score, ranging from 1 to 99, and is available on opportunity records, list views, forecasts, and reports. You can even set up the opportunity score to be used in Process Builders and workflows.

This feature allows for Development Associates to prioritize the right opportunities and flag the ones that might be at-risk. The Opportunity Scoring feature takes into account previous opportunities, features of the account record, as well as past activities related to the account. For more information, read this Salesforce article to Understand How Einstein Scores Your Opportunities.

Assign Tasks to a Queue to Share Work Efficiently

An exciting new update for Activities is the ability to assign tasks to predefined queues. This allows for tasks to be available to all members of a team, instead of a sole individual or group.

After setting up the queue, individuals can claim ownership of the task directly from the queue’s list view instead of directly assigning tasks to one specific individual or waiting for delegation. This new feature can be utilized with Engagement Plans in the Nonprofit Success Pack and enable the moves management of major donors to become a total team effort.

View and Edit Case Details from the List View with Case Hover in Lightning Experience

For those organizations that are using case management features, such as the Student Advisor Link, users no longer have to click through records to view and edit. Instead, you can now view, edit, and delete case details from the list view by hovering over the record’s subject field.

Whether you are sorting through advisee cases or service support, this new compact preview will make the workflow much easier.

Create a Filtered List of Records Using New Time-Related Conditions (Beta)

With the new release, Salesforce is rolling out a conversational search with time-related conditions. Instead of creating a report or list view, you can enter a search term such as “accounts with opportunities last month” and Einstein Search will find the records that meet those conditions. You can use terms such as closed, modified, and viewed along with any relative date term. As a reminder, this is a Beta feature and you need the Einstein Search permission to enable this feature.

Attach Formatted Spreadsheets to Report Subscriptions (Beta)

Another exciting beta feature in the Spring ’20 release is the ability to attach formatted spreadsheets to report subscriptions. When a user subscribes to a report, they can choose the date and time schedule, along with the option to attach a formatted spreadsheet. The email includes high-level information on the report, as well as a link to the report within Salesforce, and all detail-row information is included on the attached spreadsheet.

Please note that with any new enhancement, it’s best practice to test the new features in a sandbox environment first. Each Salesforce release is made possible by ideas submitted from users through the Salesforce Idea Exchange. You and your organization can make a difference by engaging in the Idea Exchange.

The Salesforce Spring ’20 Release adds a bevy of invaluable new features and quality-of-life updates across the Customer 360 platform. The enhancements described above represent but a taste of the 93 features benefitting admins, business users, community groups, developers, and more. For a deep dive into all that’s new with the Spring ’20 Release, make sure to view Salesforce’s Spring ’20 Release in a Box!

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