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Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) Winter ’22 Release: What You Need to Know

Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) Winter '22 Release What You Need to Know

The Winter ’22 NPSP Release is stuffed to the brim with updates that will make development offices sing! With this release, is introducing the Elevate Power of Us Edition to expand the opportunity for nonprofits to hit the ground running with online fundraising and feature enhancements such as tracking undeliverable addresses and soft credit donations. Read on to learn more.

Manage Undeliverable Addresses

‘Tis the season of snail mail! As we are preparing for end-of-year appeals and gift acknowledgment notifications to be sent out in mass, has enabled a helpful feature to mark an address as undeliverable. New fields on the Account, Contact, and Address object has been introduced to help better manage constituent addresses when you’re notified of a bad address (i.e., returned mail). To exclude undeliverable addresses in your mailing lists, you can add a filter on the field Undeliverable Mailing Address equals false.

Note that at the time of this posting, there is a known issue where the Managed Household page is not available after the new NPSP release, which is due to field access issues with the new Undeliverable Address fields. Follow the instructions from to give users access to the Managed Household button again.

The Power of Us Hub Has Moved

The Power of Us Hub has been migrated over to the Trailblazer Community. This incredible resource for NPSP users has expanded to the Customer Hub, where will be posting new updates and announcements regarding the Nonprofit Cloud product.

The Power of Us Hub has Moved to the Trailblazer Community

You can read more about what these changes mean for you in this blog.

Track Change Log for Recurring Donations

To the delight of anyone who manages an annual fund, is rolling out a new way to track changes to recurring giving. The new Recurring Donation Change Log gives the ability to track how Recurring Donations are changing. For example, has the donation increased or decreased? Has the form of payment changed? Is there a lapse in the recurring gift?

With the Recurring Donation Change Log, any update to the Recurring Donation record is automatically stored and available in reports—similar to field history tracking. What’s unique about the Recurring Donation Change Log is that it automatically assigns a Change Type of Upgrade or Downgrade when the Amount or Annual Value is updated. As you’re planning for 2022, the new Recurring Donation Change Log will be a great tool to use to track the success of renewal and upgrade campaigns for your sustaining donors!

Change Log Screen Shot

Recurring Donations and Change Logs

Enter Soft Credits with Gift Entry

You may already know that Gift Entry Templates can be created for the various types of gifts that need to be processed. For example, create a check template to quickly enter all of the individual donations coming with that year-end appeal. If you have a capital campaign, create a template that is set up with the correct Opportunity, Payment, and GAU Allocation information. However, with this new release, we can now add Soft Credit information to the field bundles that can be added to the Gift Entry templates. While we can add Donation Donor (Account and Contact) information, as well as GAU Allocations, we can now add Soft Credit information during Gift Entry to further complete gift processing.

Gift Entry Screen Shot

Elevate Power of Us Edition

Along with the first 10 Salesforce subscription licenses, Salesforce has now expanded its offerings to nonprofit and higher education organizations to include the Elevate Power of Us Edition. The new Elevate Power of Us Edition allows customers to utilize the Elevate platform with no upfront costs and the simple fee of 3% for the donation amount (unless the donor chooses to offset the transaction cost). The full integration between Elevate and the Nonprofit Success Pack allows users to hit the ground running with online fundraising. For more information, review the new Elevate Trailhead modules.

As with all changes, we recommend installing and testing in a sandbox environment before installing into a production org. Also, note that the updates to the NPSP are made from suggestions from community members like you! Share your idea or vote on an idea you’re passionate about on the Trailblazer Community Idea Search.