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Exciting Times To Be Part of the Salesforce Ecosystem

From where I am standing today, it is hard to rewind back to 8 years ago when I joined the Salesforce ecosystem. At that time, the concept of cloud computing was still in its infancy. I remember trying to explain the advantages of the “cloud” and being faced with a lot of hostility from Information Technology (IT) departments who were concerned about their own security, governance, and jobs.

Contrary to these fears, the last decade has proven the cloud has an enormously positive impact on organizations and the overall economy. A new study, compiled by IDC, shows that cloud computing is an important new paradigm in information technology, driving new ways to use technology and creating new sources of competitive advantage.

Even though cloud computing still represents a relatively small percentage of overall IT spending, it is growing at a much faster pace than IT as a whole. Further, because cloud computing frees up IT resources to focus on the organization’s mission and innovation investments in cloud computing yield a broader benefit for local economies.

IDC’s research shows that organizations who spend on cloud computing subscriptions also spend on ancillary products and services, such as those Cloud for Good offers. The partner ecosystem generates 2.8 times the revenue of Salesforce itself, and is expected to grow 3.7 times as large as Salesforce in the coming years, according to IDC.

The following figure shows that the delivery of cloud service applications, Cloud for Good’s strong suit, makes up the majority of the market.

Joining the Salesforce ecosystem has proven valuable for us. We have reported 715% growth in revenue over the last 3 years and more than quadrupled our the size of our consulting practice during the same period. We are projecting a continued trajectory of rapid growthfor Cloud for Good over the next 5 years as we become the leading nonprofit technology partner. These are exciting times to be part of the Salesforce world!