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How Talent for Good Can Help You Hire Your Next Salesforce Role

How Talent for Good Can Help You Hire Your Next Salesforce Role

The weather is getting colder, the leaves are falling, and sometime soon, many of you reading this will be receiving Trick-or-Treaters at your home or walking around your neighborhoods with your own children.  Who knows?!  Some of you may even be doing some Trick or Treating of your own (get those pillowcases out and ready). 

One thing, however, you should not fear during this, or any other, time of year is finding and retaining Salesforce talent for your organization.  Unfortunately, that is exactly the type of situation that is keeping folks up at night.  Our post-COVID world has proven to be a more challenging hiring market, and it’s requiring new ways of addressing today’s hiring needs.   

Here at Cloud for Good, we’ve been hearing about these challenges from so many of our clients and have developed a program to address this exact issue.  We call this program Talent for Good. 

So, grab a handful of your leftover candy (or pick the ones you want from your children’s buckets… you know you want to) as we look to finally solve this issue for you and your organization, once and for all. 

What is Talent for Good?

Talent for Good is the largest-of-its-kind Talent as a Service (TaaS) program focused specifically on providing trained, certified, and experienced Salesforce talent to the market.  It is the only US Department of Labor registered Apprenticeship program in the entirety of the Salesforce Ecosystem. 

To put it simply, Talent for Good provides our clients with access to highly vetted and diverse talent that comes ready on Day 1 with a baseline of Salesforce skills and experience to make a positive impact on your organization and its mission. 

We have developed this program to truly transform the way organizations find, hire, and retain Salesforce staff.  Just like the house on Halloween with the full-sized candy bars, we want to be the organization you look to first whenever you have a Salesforce hiring need.  However, that is not possible unless our program addresses the key concerns that exist in your hiring process today.  Let’s tackle three of the most common challenges we’ve heard from our clients and how Talent for Good addresses them.  Which one of these do you struggle with most? 

Challenge #1: Unable to Quickly Find Talent and Maintain Predictable Start Dates

If this is you, the good news is you are not alone.  Nearly every client we speak with, regardless of location, struggles within the hiring landscape to quickly find talent.  In fact, we consistently see Salesforce roles remain open for 6+ months or more.  There is a significant cost that is incurred to your organization for every day/week/month that role is left open and not providing value. 


Talent for Good has developed cohorts for our incoming Analysts multiple times per year, so we know definitively when each of them will have completed their training and certification programs and be available to start Day 1 for your organization. 

Challenge #2: Inability to train or continue to upskill these new hires

Your organization is likely good at a lot of things, each with its own mission and focus.  Being a Salesforce training and skill-building shop should not have to be one of them.  Very few organizations are built to ensure a proper onboarding experience and continue to upskill the talent of their new Salesforce hires.  Furthermore, it can also be difficult to properly assess the skills and experience of a candidate based on a resume alone. 


Talent for Good’s training and certification program ensures you are getting a predictable baseline of skills with each Analyst you bring on.  Each of our Analysts complete a robust 3-month intensive training program that includes technical, soft skills, and hands-on training.  We also offer ongoing upskilling and support during a pre-designated contract period so that you see the full value of your investment in this new hire.  This program will successfully close the experience gap, as well as the talent/skills gap. 

Challenge #3: Paying Staffing Firm Fees and Additional Expenses to Find Talent

This one is my favorite challenges to solve, and it’s a key differentiator for Talent for Good.  Many of our clients struggle to find talent and leverage staffing firms, which also come with a hefty hiring/staffing fee but offer no other ongoing value.  Along with the escalating costs to search, hire, train, benefits, and retain – finding Salesforce talent in a traditional manner can quickly become overwhelming. 


The Talent for Good program is meant to simplify the hiring process with an easy, predictable, and cost-effective approach.  Unlike other programs, Talent for Good offers our clients the ability to hire our Analysts for a predictable contract period.  During that time, our clients are only responsible for the single contract cost.  Cloud for Good will take on the Analysts’ salary, benefits, the cost of finding/hiring, the full training program, the certification costs, ongoing skill building, etc.  At the completion of the initial contract term, you may choose to hire the Analyst as a traditional full-time hire, which is something we encourage.  Cloud for Good does not charge any additional costs or fees for this hiring transition, and there is no additional cost to hire the Analyst as your direct employee. 

Are you as excited as I am about this program? 

I have one last treat for your candy bag, Talent for Good recently completed a cohort and we happen to have a handful of Analysts available to start before the end of the year.  If you have a current or upcoming need and would like to understand if this program is right for you, please reach out to me directly at [email protected] (or chat with us using the live chat features at the bottom of the page). We are also happy to discuss your potential future hiring needs and see if Talent for Good may be the right fit for you. 

I look forward to hearing from you, whether that is to hear your feedback on the program, to see if these challenges resonate with you, or to share what you’re experiencing around hiring Salesforce talent. Have a happy and safe fall season! 

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