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Happy Thanksgiving from Cloud for Good

Happy Thanksgiving from Cloud for Good

Cloud for Good has much to be thankful for this year.  Considering the challenges 2020 has thrown everyone’s waywe want to take a moment and reflect on the incredible nonprofit organizations and higher education institutions we work with.  We’re proud to help enable the missions of our clients and are humbled knowing the technology transformations we provide can help those we serve to create positive change.  While we are thankful for every organization and institution that we’ve encountered on our journey, here are a few of the Cloud for Good clients our Goodies are thankful for this year. 

Lisa Runion: 

Lisa Runion 

This year I’m grateful for Riley!  Growing up a Hoosier, I’ve always known of the great work done at Riley Children’s Hospital, but it wasn’t until this year that I was personally touched by their services. My niece rang in 2020 from their NICU and spent several weeks there.  The doctors and nurses who took care of her and her family were all phenomenal.  They made a difficult time easier for all of us and helped get my niece the care she needed so she could celebrate with us this Thanksgiving. 

John Stallings:  

Throughout the year, Childfund International has launched a number of campaigns in response to COVID-19, raising funds for impacted families and children around the world. Directly in line with their mission, their efforts seek to alleviate child hunger, keep children safe from violence, and help children continue learning during these uncertain times. I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to work with an organization like Childfund this year. 

Lindsey Ciochina: 

Teach for America’s mission to ensure that all kids have access to an excellent education is now, more than ever, so important!  I’m thankful for TFA’s work in American’s urban and rural school systems to ensure a diverse teaching force equipped to lead classrooms and schools so that every child in the US can achieve their fullest potential. 

Keith Watters:

One client whose mission I’m thankful for is Illinois Action for Children, specifically their Child Care Assistance Program known as CCAP. My wife and I both grew up in situations where our parents worked two jobs or didn’t have enough at times to make ends meet. Programs like these give parents a fighting chance to succeed as they need help with child care while they provide for their household. We’re extremely grateful for the opportunity to serve them as they in return serve a community of parents in need!

Brittaney Shade: 

When I think of Thanksgiving, I think of stuffing, mashed potatoes, and pumpkin pie.  I’ve also come to think about how lucky I have always been to have a homecooked meal on Thanksgiving.  I’m grateful for the Food Bank for New York City for providing food (and numerous other vital services) to families in need in New York City on Thanksgiving and every other day This year, in particular, when demands are at a high, I am thankful for the frontline staff distributing food to individuals in need and for everyone who supports the FBFNYC to make their mission possible. 

Craig Mabee:  

I can’t help but be thankful for several of our incredible clients: SAE International, Harold Grinspoon Foundations, ChildFund, and Smile Train.  These four organizations deliver on different missions, and yet they’ve all welcomed the transformational value Cloud for Good and my colleagues can bring to their organizations.  I am thankful for these trusted partnerships and the progress we create together. 

Sarah Jo Stern: 

Sarah Jo Stern

Working with the Rainforest Alliance in the middle of a global pandemic provided me with an even deeper appreciation for their mission.  Knowing that I was helping an organization support farmers and farming communities negatively affected by COVID-19 made my work that much more important to me.  It’s those little moments of added perspective that I’m most thankful for this year. 

Blake Becker:


Given the historic nature of 2020 and how important trusted news and reporting have been this year, I’m particularly thankful for the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press.  This organization has never been more essential to the American people.  I’m humbled to be partnered with such a critical organization and proudly stand beside them in the fight for press rights. 

Jenn Tate:


I have the incredible honor of sharing my life with three amazing dogs. For me, they are a huge part of my family. I’m so thankful for organizations like the Humane Society of Boulder Valley and the American Kennel Club who help create amazing experiences for humans and their canine companionsWhether you’re looking for resources around dog health and training or are looking to bring home your next furry family member, these organizations go above and beyond to promote healthy relationships between pets and their people.  

Benjamin Washam:

I’m so grateful to be working with Neighborhood Ministries, whose mission is very close to my heart. For children fleeing violence and oppression who end up alone at the border, they take the kids in and love and care for them in an amazing way until they can be reunited with family! I’m so thankful to get to help support their mission.

Kristin Kiester: 

This year, and every year, I’m incredibly thankful for Easterseals Michigan.  For over 100 years this organization has made the everyday lives of individuals with disabilities and special needs, as well as their families, better through their health services and programs.  Easterseals Michigan is near and dear to my heart, as I have a nephew with autism, and I know firsthand how much a difference-maker this organization can be. 

Stan Alachniewicz:

CFG_Stan Alachniewicz Thanksgiving Blog

Nearly every year California has more than its share of natural disasters. I’m thankful for the opportunity to work with organizations like California State Parks Foundation, whose mission is to connect Californians with the state parks, as well as taking initiative to ensure that the parks are maintained for future generations to enjoy.