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Event Recap: Apps to Amp Up Your Recruitment and Admissions

Cloud for Good recently hosted an Application Showcase webinar where we invited Blackthorn Events and Mogli to talk about how their third-party applications work with Salesforce to help universities throughout their recruitment and admission processes.

You can check out some of the highlights below, but make sure to check out the short, 30-minute webinar for more information and product demos.

The State of Recruitment + Admissions

Kristin Kiester, our Partner Alliance Manager, moderated this event and has a unique perspective on the recruitment and admission process as her son is currently a high school senior. Kristin shared how her experience has been as a parent, being inundated with robust printed literature, and emails to her son with little personalization, despite providing the universities he’s communicated with plenty of information around his intended major and personal interests.

The Application Showcase

Of course, Cloud for Good believes Salesforce is an incredible tool and can help universities communicate with their prospective students with the right message, on the right channel, at the right time. But taking full advantage of the AppExchange can help deepen Salesforce’s impact while providing an even more personalized prospective student experience.

That’s why we invited two AppExchange providers who are innovating on Salesforce to demo their solutions, showing universities the direct impact.

Blackthorn Events

Leverage the power of Salesforce to create, register, run, and report. Support your specific department’s event management needs or implement across the entire campus. Track all event attendance throughout the student journey.

Mogli SMS

This solution is the most robust and user-friendly native text messaging on the AppExchange. It offers an unlimited user license, a US-based 5-star client success team, and a beautiful, intuitive user interface.

Putting the Solution Together

We wrapped up the event by showcasing one of our clients, the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB), who utilizes Salesforce, Blackthorn, and Mogli.

Recruitment and admissions was a Phase 2 project for UAB. With a foundational and scalable EDA Salesforce org put into place during Phase 1, Cloud for Good was able to help streamline recruiting processes for their Graduate, Undergraduate, and Honors departments.

Salesforce was configured to be 100% compatible with the exciting new Admissions Connect product and custom fit it to handle all UABs enrollment and territory management needs. This included using Mogli to send mass and 1:1 communication and using Blackthorn to modernize their recruiting events.

In addition, the Cloud for Good assignments accelerator was used to assign ownership to schools and students for easy sorting and reporting on counselors’ territories.

The student experience now includes a custom-built Online Application, which is built-in Experience Cloud, Salesforce Live Chat so students have instant access to Recruitment & Admissions team members, and an application review process that publishes decision letters and financial aid letters for students straight into the Online Application portal.

Partners like Blackthorn Events and Mogli are transforming the way universities think about their recruitment and admission processes.  With the right mindset in place, and the acceptance of new technology tools to help power that mindset, there’s no limit to the innovation we can bring to the higher education space.

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