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Clicktools Surveys: Collecting Constituents Feedback in Salesforce

Clicktools is an online survey creation and capture solution available through the Salesforce AppExchange. It offers organizations the ability to integrate customer feedback into their Salesforce database. One of the most widely used survey tools, Clicktools provides powerful functionality to collect, centralize and act on constituent feedback.

Product Description

Clicktools gives organizations a solution that can be used to create multiple types of dynamic surveys to capture varying types of feedback. These surveys allow for condition-based navigation through tailored paths dependent on the choices made by the survey taker. All of this information can update Salesforce objects and fields in real time. It allows organizations to immediately take action based on feedback received from their constituents.

Clicktools integrates with Salesforce through their API. Once field mappings are created, organizations can then choose to manually or automatically synchronize the Clicktools responses to Salesforce. The information is uni-directional with Clicktools feeding data into Salesforce. Organizations can create custom surveys/applications to capture all kinds of feedback including:

  • Meeting attendee surveys
  • Satisfaction surveys
  • Registration applications and more

Additionally, organizations have also used Clicktools as a scripting tool for their data entry staff to follow specific steps when entering data into Salesforce. Logic-based responses built through Clicktools can improve data entry efficiency and effectiveness. You can see sample surveys on Clicktool’s website at

Clicktools Benefits

  • Robust and flexible integration with Salesforce
  • Drag and drop survey creation and editing capabilities
  • Support portal for customers to access all kinds of great resources — from how-to guides to pre-recorded webinars
  • Multi-language support
  • Nonprofit discount of 50%
  • Customer service from Clicktools which consistently gets excellent reviews on the Salesforce AppExchange

Clicktools considerations

  • Choosing to integrate in real time with Salesforce requires the utilization of a dedicated license, which for nonprofit organizations usually means dedicating one of the ten free licenses provided by the Foundation grant.
  • The Integration is not bi-directional, meaning you can’t auto populate data for repeat users easily.
  • Pricing can also be a con here. With their packages starting at $995 dollars a year (before the 50% nonprofit discount) some organizations with limited survey needs may not see the same ROI as others.


Clicktools is a robust survey creation tool that integrates well with Salesforce. It allows organizations to capture real-time feedback from their constituents and strategically respond. Clicktools is constantly looking to make improvements and have provided their users with an online portal for support and resource gathering.  One area that has seen a lot of improvement in recent years is their user experience for creating surveys. I can say as a former end user on Clicktools several years ago, they have really done a great job at polishing the user experience for creating and taking surveys.

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